Jawa CZ Owners Club Ireland

The Jawa CZ Owners Club Ireland is a club for riders, owners and fans of Jawa and CZ Motorcycles. This Club was formed by a group of enthusiasts in May 2010. Its not just about the bikes, but the people who use or appreciate them. This site presents a chance to share your experiences as a Jawa CZ motorcyclist, former owner or fan and to read first hand the experiences of other JAWA pilots.

We traditionally host a Rally each year to celebrate our exitance. It is easy going and welcoming. We would be delighted to see any who can attend. Details are available on the Events Page

An online e-mag the JAWA Motorcyclist is produced from articles, comments and photos supplied by members. Previous issues can be navigated to on the Issue Index Page.

Shared knowledge and experience is of great benefit to anyone who has or is planning on becoming a Jawa Motorcyclist. We are always delighted to receive comments, views, photos or articles, please contact us by email.


facebook.jpg www.facebook.com/JawaIreland/ The JAWA Ireland facebook page presents JAWA pilots and fans with the opportunity to keep informed on what is happening, share comments, experience and photos. Please feel free to engage with us on Facebook or by email.