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Jawa 660 Sportard

This may well be the first English review of the New JAWA 660 Sportard. Reproduced with the generous permission of Paul Browne and Bike Buyers Guide.


650 Classic 33600k

John Osborn, tells us how he has settled into a comfortable routine with his 650 Classic outfit. As the miles prove the bike.

JAWA 650 Style, Riders Report

The machine is one of a run of about 100 made in 2005/06, and the first and only other one that I have seen is owned by our good friend and Jawa dealer Pavel, near Blanchardstown, Dublin.

Jawa 650 Classic outfit @ 26000K

The third chapter in the life of John Osborn's Jawa 650 Classic with 26000K up on the clock.

A bike in a hundred. John Kitney tell us about his JAWA 650 Style.

Jawa 650 Classic outfit @ 26000K

The third chapter in the life of John Osborn's Jawa 650 Classic with 26000K up on the clock.

Jawa 650 Classic outfit.

John Osborn has opened up an encyclopedia of experience on the 650 Classic. Here he tells how the bike coped with the introduction of a sidecar to the bike. Passably the only Jawa 650 Classic to boast a left handed outfit.

Jawa 650 Classic First Impressions

The first of three reports by John Osborn on the Jawa 650 Classic. He starts out using the bike as a solo machine.


“ Tune up for Classic” kit from F2 Motorcycles

It is on the road that you really notice the difference in the mid range power band. The bike pulls much cleaner and responds much quicker to the throttle.

Problem with Acewell Digital Display unit

Back in April I noticed a small glow on the charging light on the Acewell Digital Display unit on my one month old Jawa 640.

Jawa 350 Model 640 First Impression

The chance to own the much loved two stroke engine, which just seems to keep coming back. Is it improved, and how does it settle into the pace of life in 2010.

Model 640

An owners insight after 2000k with his New JAWA 350. Man and machine coming to terms with each other. Does the old 2 stroke twin still have what it takes to thrill the senses and master the road. Click the link to read Gers report and see what you think.


JAWA 250 Model 597 settles into her role

The Snail now has 26000 kilometers on the clock. A machine that is used all year round with mainly city driving. Not a record breaker, the bike just does what it is ment to do.

JAWA 250 Model 597 with 1400k on the clock

The Snail is settled into her role. Here is a list of how I have enjoyed her. What I have changed, what has needed attention and the results of it all.

JAWA 250 Travel Model 597 with 9000k behind her

The little bike is now a year old and has come through her first winter. Time for a little play with the sprockets to try improve the cruising speed.

JAWA 250 Travel the First Year Review by AlešT

The truth, highs and lows, about how the 250 Travel performed in its first years service.

Loobman fitted to the 250 Travel

The Loobman chain oiling system helps make up for the lack of an effective chainguard.

Compare The Cz 250 in 1976 to the JAWA 250 Travel 2010

An honest account of how the Jawa 250 travel preforms in the hands of an old Cz250 Pilot.

The first 1000k on a JAWA 250 Travel

I started motorbikes piloting a cz250. Can the new Jawa 250 live up to the legend.

A Travel 250's 1500k service

The first home service on the 250 Travel. The manual is lacks information, the tool kit is useless, but the bike not surprisingly is easy to work on.


125cc NO REPORTS yet


Jawa Pionyr.

An old Classic rises from the ashes. This bike will jog many memories across europe.

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