dancingsanta_e0.gif With Halloween securely in the rear view mirror, it is time to start thinking about the Christmas Party. Martin and Miša are as always on top of the situation, they have organised for us to meet up in the

Czech Inn, Temple Bar,


Saturday 22nd November at 7p.m.

Thanks to their organisation, this has become a regular event which those of us lucky enough to attend relish. I hope many of you can join us and enjoy the festivities.

If you can email us to let us know if you are available. it would help us booking numbers, but if not just turn up, I am sure we will find a seat for you.

If unable attend be sure that we will raise a Glass to You.


I purchased new from F2 Motorcycles in early 2010. The bottom line was that I was very pleased indeed with my purchase. Build quality is good, and handling, roadholding and comfort were all very impressive indeed, and the performance was better than I had expected, having been aware that some people used to refer to the older models as 'tractors'.

That being said, I had the distinct impression that the bike was somewhat 'strangled' having had to be restricted in order to pass the current noise and emissions regulations as imposed by the Brussels fun police. I speculated that it would be interesting to see what would happen if these restrictions were removed - not tuning the bike per-se, merely letting it breathe and run as its designers had intended.

Luckily for me, the ever-resourceful David Angel (proprietor of F2 Motorcycles, the UK Jawa importer) had the same idea, and had spent a great deal of time experimenting with different modifications, until he felt confident to offer a tune-up kit, which I duly purchased. The kit addresses the restrictions on both the inlet and exhaust side of the engine.

jawacarb.jpgStarting with the inlet side, the standard inlet manifold gasket is restrictive, having a hole notably smaller than the bore of the carb and the inlet manifold into the barrels. A replacement gasket with a much larger hole is provided, and is a piece of cake to fit. At the same time David provides instructions for modifying the standard carb settings, and also for letting more air enter the airbox, which as standard is almost hermetically sealed.

Next comes addressing the exhaust part of the equation. The bike as standard is remarkably quiet, the long shiny silencers on the Jawa containing long, very restrictive baffles. The tune-up kit contains shorter 'sports' baffles, and in addition David's instructions tell how to modify these further for optimal performance. It's nothing difficult, needing just a hacksaw and a pair of stout pliers, but makes an important difference.

The final part of the job is to make some simple modifications to the exhaust downpipes using the aforementioned hacksaw (and I'd recommend a brand new, sharp hacksaw blade, the pipes are made of sturdy stuff!). Again it's a very simple procedure, the biggest difficulty I had was in separating the exhaust pipes from the silencers. That was a surprise as they are just a simple push fit, with the exhaust going through a neoprene seal in the silencer. It's at times like this that a helper would be very welcome, ideally a helper with the sort of build as those chaps who typically anchor a tug-of-war team at a village fete. Whilst I don't have any direct experience to justify the comparison, I couldn't help thinking that pulling a fully-laden pack mule out of a quicksand pit would have required less effort than it took to separate the Jawa silencers from the exhaust pipes.

In any event, it was eventually done, and all was soon back together again. Was it worth it?

Oh yes!

David Mace posted on

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A discovery from the "Jawachat" site. It's a restored Pérák 350 -- maybe pre-1950 judging by the separate kickstart and gear shift, by a guy named Jiří Procházka in the Czech Republic. Oh boy!

Wish the factory would wheel out those Pérák frame designs, and stick a modern engine in them. Maybe even the Yamaha/Minarelli 660 single. Jawa do not have to look elsewhere to find retro styling, the 1950's look so much better then the 1980's.

Well Done Jiří Procházka

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Here's a short YouTube clip about a 634/Velorex outfit. Filmed recently, the owner is Jim Steed in Australia, Model 634, 350cc Jawa motorcycle with a Velorex sidecar. The sidecar has a fully enclosing canopy, which is completely waterproof :-). Winter is winter, nobody likes getting wet. So well done Jim


portable cutting tool used to make boards too short.

Pete Edwards

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The JAWA Christmas Party. An event not to be missed.

Czech Inn, Temple Bar,


Saturday 22nd November at 7p.m.

It is being discussed moving our Rally from Redcross. Fantastic as the site is, it may be to close to Dublin and to far from everwhere else. Let us know your opinion on the matter and any sites you suggest we look at.


To keep informed about what is happening visit our Events Page


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M urphy's' old lady had been pregnant for some time and now the time had come. He brought her to the doctor and the doctor began to deliver the baby.

She had a little boy, and the doctor looked over at Murphy and said. 'Hey, Murph! You just had you a son,!

'Hold on! We ain't finished yet, !'

He said, 'Hey, Murph! You got you a daughter, She is a pretty lil ting, too....' Murphy got kind of puzzled by this and then the doctor said, 'Hold on, we aint got done yet!' The doctor then delivered another boy and said, Murph, you just had yourself another boy!'

Murphy said to the doctor, 'Doc, what caused all of dem babies,?' The doctor said, 'You never know Murph, it was probably something that happened during conception.'

Murphy said, 'Ah yeah, during conception.' When Murph and his wife went home with their three children, he sat down with his wife and said, 'Mama, you remember dat night that we ran out of Vaseline and we had to use dat dere 3-in-1 Oil.'

She said, 'Yeah, I remember dat night...' Murph said,

'I'll tell you,'s a f”” kin' good ting we didn't use WD-40.

Pete Edwards

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kenSkoda.jpg Ireland's first ever Eastern Bloc car meet took place this September in the midland town of Tullamore. It was organised by Skoda 1000MB owner, Ken Sweeney, who was keen to meet fellow enthusiasts. "I wanted to see if there was anybody else out there who had the same taste in Eastern Bloc cars as me". It turned out there was quite a few and on the day there was a fine collection from Lada, Skoda, FSO, Trabant, Zastava and even a Jawa motorcycle.

As a result of the event, many more fellow EBC owners have been found and it looks like the next meeting will be even bigger.

Ken Sweeney

I have been in touch with Ken a couple of times in relation to this successful event and I suggested we try and merge together possibly in March or April next year on a Saturday or Sunday. Somewhere central like Tullamore or Portlaise would be ideal.

We could park up, have a chat and some lunch, take a few photo's. It would be great to see a few Jawa, CZ, MZ and any other East European bikes meet up with Skoda's, Lada's, Yugo's,Zastava's,Trabants, FSO etc.

Please let us know if you would be interested.



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Twonderful Russian cartoon series entitled "Masha i Medved", otherwise "Little Mary and the Bear". It features a retired circus bear and a mischievous little girl. In this episode, they manage to rescue Christmas (or rather New Year, as the Russian Orthodox Church calendar works differently) when Masha accidentally catapults Dedya Moroz ("Grandfather Frost", the Russian Santa Claus) head-over-heels into a snowdrift. So the recuperating Dedya Moroz sticks Masha and the poor bear with delivering the presents to the animals of the locality. In the process Masha is transformed into Dedya Moroz's young lady helper, Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden). As they'd say in Russia, "С Новым годом!" -- S Novym Godom, otherwise Happy New Year!


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paul martin boyd.jpg
I would like to join the JAWA cz club ireland.

I own a 1960 jawa cz 175 needing restoration thank you Paul boyd, 372 Arthurstown rd, Hokitika, New Zealand.

Paul Martin Boyd

Hello team, I am in berlin Germany now.. on a business trip.. can any once please provide a dealer or friends who has Jawa 250 353 model engine spares..

1) cylinder and piston, 2) exhaust flower nuts, 3) Gear set and packing kits, 4) 6volts horn's, 5) accelerator catch link and set..

Please do let me know if any thing or any information is available.. I am staying in Kaiser street bismarkstrass berlin.....

To contact meemail me.

RegardsSuman Kumar

Maulin shah.jpeg Sir, I am Maulin shah from india. I would like to join as a member of that club.

Maulin Shah8, kalyannger society, outside shahpur gate, near j. Rasiklal petrol pump, Opp. Jain temple. Shahpur ahmedabad 380004

Maulin Shah

Hi my name is Dave Leone and would like to be a member of the jawa cz club. My bike is a 1973 cz 175 trail type 482. I have just started to restore it i hope it will be done before the end of the winter. My main ride is a 1950 Harley Davidson panhead. The weather here is not to bad yet i stop riding at the end of December and start again in April.

Thanks Dave

The cupboard is bare and I have no pictures of anyone wearing Club gear. Are you dressed at all? It's getting chilly so please send me in pictures of you in your Club's finest.

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Alc 6%

Not everyone likes stout, people are even more emphatic about whether or not they like bottled stout. The advantage of bottled brews is consistency in quality. We have all enjoyed draught beers in one establishment only to be disappointed with the quality of them in another. I urge you to put all prejudice aside and try this exceptional Brew. It is widely available, in my local Spar it costs €3. The Alcohol is a little high and this nearly put me off but unlike other strong stouts the flavors absorb the strength. I was delighted with this little discovery, so would have no problem recommending it. When looking to describe the experience I decided that the Brewers site has put words to what I would only describe as YHUMM .

True to its name, “Leann folláin” being the Gaelic for “wholesome stout”, our full-bodied extra Irish stout is a fantastic example of how good stout can taste. Flavors of dark chocolate tones with a hint of vanilla combine with the mild mocha aroma. Opaque black in appearance with tan head, this luxurious stout has a classic European hop bitterness given a refreshing bite after the chocolate subsides.


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