A Hong Kong movie theater asks its patrons to leave their cellphones ON when they enter the movie. Using that, Volkswagen made an eye opening ad...


c and J Jim and Catherine announced in Ballacolla that they passing on the batton Area Representative for the MZ Club. It seems like yesterday that they applied to set up a southern Ireland branch for the MZ club. By accepting that request the MZ Club hitched itself to a power house. Jim and Catherine put back breaking effort into organising Rallies, camping weekends, club ride outs. They were the glue that held a band of Bikers together, many of us have enjoyed the pleasure of their company. The rallies became so successful that they attracted visitors from across the pond. The southern branch even hosted the Club AGM.

It was Jim and Catherine that persuaded Ger to organise the Clogheen Jawa CZ Rally and kick start our own club.

We would like to thank Jim and Catherine for all the good times. Wish them health and happiness and look forward to meeting up with them in the future.

Best wishes also to Pat Brennan who hs agreed to try fill Big Jim's shoes.

Ride On Mick

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The 2014 Enfield Rally, was celebrated in Powers the Pot was on the 8th to 10th August. This is an event that I have really enjoyed over the last few years. But unable to travel on Friday an early start Saturday was planned.

With Fridays chores done preparing the bike (JAWA 250m Travel) or the Snail was next. Now that the bike has over 40,000k she no longer waits for regular service intervals. Sometimes she needs a little TLC early. The month of June had seen a good mileage and some hard riding. July was more sedate and easier but an oil change was on the cards. Also the engine when cold felt a little sluggish so the tappets appreciated a visit. The front forks felt spongy so changing the damper oil in them topped the bill.

Breda thought it madness pulling the bike apart the day before a run, but in truth that is all part of it. Some unexpected visitors delayed plans so the bike was not finished till 1.30a.m. time to hit the bed, have a sleep in, packing the bike could wait till the morning. Ok I admit I had a beer or two.

It was a fine Sunny Saturday around 11.30 when the packed shinning Snail finally took to the road. Much as I wanted to get down for the ride out, we still took the Athy Kilkenny route. The speeds suit the bike better then the motorway. It was a dry run all the way, but just missing the ride out by 30 minutes. Got the tent up just as the rain started, a coffee and chat with Niall gave the sky a chance to clear again. Armed with a look at the ride out route we steamed to Dungarvan to try catch up with the gang. Following the route in reverse gave the best chance of finding the lads. Luck was in and a line of 27 bikes, headlights blazing, engines thumping pulling into Dungarvan off the coast road. Taking up station behind them for the run to Melodys.

The road craft of a lead bike a tail bike with the second bike stopping to show the route worked very well. By all accounts they had a fantastic ride out and good weather. On the route back to Powers we stopped off to pay our respects at the Stone monument marking the scene of the terrible accident where Ian Walsh lost his life earlier this year.

The meal on Saturday night is another highlight of the weekend. The turf fire smoking, good food and lively conversation are perfect after a day in the saddle. The rain became heavy but inside was dry and the weather had eased by the time most of us had finished to take to the bed. It was great being able to sit at the bar strumming the mandolin singing the few bars. Those who wanted also took part; those who did not had even more reason to drink. The Enfield boys have it just right.

Sunday started with fog, but it brightened up as Ger’s beautiful JAWA 350 pull onto the site. It has to be said that Pavel’s paint job is excellent and the bike is a wonderful sight. We will miss the Pavel touch that JAWA Ireland displayed.

My wife’s family walks up Slieve Na Mon on their mum’s anniversary. So Powers the Pot had me on the doorstep for the walk and Barbie after. Leaving early to attend a funeral in Dublin, forced me to be good. Unloaded the bike gear into the car, meant the spin back felt more like a Sunday run then a tour. It was the old Carlow road this time. Now with the motorway taking the heavy traffic this makes a very pleasant route. The trip was mainly dry up to Carlow but on the far side of the city the sky grew dark. It was like the Clouds of Mordor in Lord of the Rings. Debating the Kilcullen route or Motorway I decided that the motorway might get me clear of the weather faster. Powering past a truck, the rising wind started to buffet me. Lucky the gear was offloaded into the car. The bare bike is much more maneuverable. The light then suddenly went from 100watt to a 25watt. The first volley of rain hit like a solid wall. The road dissolved into a white water rapid. Without letting off on the power the snail aquaplaned into the slow lane. Cars were stopped on the hard shoulder with hazards flashing, wipers unable to keep up with the downpour. The Snail did not let up but continued to surge forward. The cold creeping around my genitals, socks started to feel damp but after 10 minutes the sky brightened as the Snail punched her way out of the worst of the weather.

A wet and dirty Snail is a small price to pay for the pleasure of a wonderful weekend. Fair dues to John and the gang for yet again putting on a relaxed wonderful weekend and to Niall for managing to feed us all so well. Lads you are a credit to the human race.

Mick Doran

Some Photos from the MZ weekend in Ballacolla.


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The MZ rally in Ballacolla brings an end to the Rallys and events listed on the site for 2014. We have the benefit of a good summer behind us as we once again prepare for winter. Thanks to the organisers for the inter club friendship that welcomes riders of other makes.

The weather in April may have contributed to the poor turnout at our Redcross rally. You cannot depend on the weather in Ireland at any time, we must have had the wettest ride out ever. Being the first event of the season may also be a factor. Some discussion has also highlighted the fact that Redcross, though close to Dublin, is far away from other parts of the country. So we are looking for suggestions, time and venue. If you think you know a suitable location, or would like to suggest something now is the time. We are not a large club, so we will never have huge Rallys but it is important to give as many as possible a chance to meet up.

Sandy has been appointed rally organiser for the MZ club and has listed up and coming camps and rallies. As MZ / Jawa-CZ members attend each others club events, she has kindly sent us some details. Sandy is such an regular rally and camping weekend supporter she is a natural for the job.

Keep informed about what is happening by visiting our Events Page


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O nce Winter is left behind, the sand seems to trickle through the glass with greater rapidity.It is already high Summer and the first weekend in July traditionally brings with it the Skerries Road Races. Racing takes place on Saturday, practice on Friday and a Classic Parade is held on the Thursday evening before the racing schedule commences. I previously took part in the 2012 parade laps and enjoyed it no end. I decided to repeat the experience this year. My classic mount in 2012 – a 1976 Honda CB 200 – is no longer in my possession but I decided that my Jawa- model 640- was a respectable replacement for the parade, being a classic in all but age.

I was accompanied on this occasion by my friend John G – classic enthusiast and ace route planner. His mount for the evening was a 1976 Suzuki 250 two-stroke twin. We left Dublin after 5pm with the intention of trying to keep the sea in view for the best part of the journey. Just as we left, rain drops as big as bumblebees began to fall. The rain was quite extraordinary, falling in a very lethargic manner, and with what seemed like a ruler’s length between each drop. Fortunately it stopped quickly and the rest of the evening turned out dry and fair. We headed into the evening traffic, treating the rush-hour commuters to a two-stroke sound track, alternating between baritone church-organ wheeze on induction and ring- a- ding cackle on the overrun, plus some blue smoke for good measure. We travelled through Ringsend, over the East Link Bridge, with a magnificent panorama up the Liffey to our West and a view out to the sea, glinting in sunlight, to our East. We then travelled along Clontarf Road in heavy traffic before turning off towards Malahide. At this point my “prayers” went to the engineer responsible for the design of the Jawa gear box, heavy traffic, such as we encountered, certainly highlights its serious shortcomings and means hard work with the left boot. As we passed Malahide along Estuary Road heading towards Swords, traffic was thinning out and the Jawa was into its stride, loping along comfortably on its ample low-down torque and the long travel suspension delivering a very comfortable ride.

The road into Skerries, through Lusk, is one of distinction, with sweeping curves and gentle undulations. We both arrived at the signing on point at the Skerries Mills complex in high spirits. The turn-out for the run was, as in my previous experience in 2012, very substantial, with magnificent examples of classic machinery by all the major manufacturers from around the world. When I signed on, the number allocated to me for the run was 104, which gives an indication of the numbers participating. I was told later that I had the distinction of being the only Jawa present - a situation that we must try to rectify next year. As in previous years, the laps run through the village and the local population, augmented by visitors, line the route and give the participants great encouragement. Having completed the event, we treated ourselves to a late supper of fish and chips, followed by a stroll around the harbour.

It was then home by the shortest route - the M50 - as darkness fell, just one of those perfect evenings, which only motorcycling in good company can truly deliver.

Pat (G)

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I couldn't resist sending you this. It's the Australian soprano Mirusia Louwerse performing "Waltzing Matilda". I've never heard a better performance.

You would guess at once from her name that she is Australian. But did you mark Andre Rieu - does he look quite a bit like Stan Laurel? Go 1:26 into the video and tell me I'm not wrong, won't you? Or won't you?

Pat & Damien

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A lady goes to the bar on a cruise ship and orders a Scotch with two drops of water. As the bartender gives her the drink she says 'I'm on this cruise to celebrate my 80th birthday and it's today.'

The bartender says 'Well, since it's your birthday, I'll buy you a drink. In fact, this one is on me.'

As the woman finishes her drink the woman to her right says 'I would like to buy you a drink, too.' The old woman says 'Thank you. Bartender, I want a Scotch with two drops of water.' 'Coming up' says the bartender.

As she finishes that drink, The man to her left says 'I would like to buy you one, too.' The old woman says 'Thank you. Bartender, I want another Scotch with two drops of water.' 'Coming right up' the bartender says. As he gives her the drink, he says 'Ma'am, I'm dying of curiosity. Why the Scotch with only two drops of water?'

The old woman replies: 'Sonny, when you're my age, you've learned how to hold your liquor... Holding your water, however, is a whole other issue!'


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Hi all, Bertie here in Cork, going mad to hear about the demise of the Jawa shop, and how is Pavel, I was wondering do you know the correct tyre pressure for my Jawa 350 chopper, its in the manual, but not as psi, hope you are all good, I am enjoying your website, regards, email Bertie..

Happy world jawa international daySuman Kumar

Hi! Why JAWA stop in Ireland?

We get home without problems. Thanks for Your welcome! It was nice party at the UK Rally!

Last week we celebrated JAWA/CZ in Latvia.


Hello, can add to new issue link to my diary at motorkari.cz site - its especially for Jawa 250 Travel and 640. Diary is filled with many tips and improvements and workshops :).

Bye Stanislav Hrnčíř

Thank you for the Jawa mag. I checked my system and could not find any sign of the previous ones so dear knows what happened to them.

Take care my man, Richard

CZ build Hi All, I know some of you have been following the jawa cz chassis build on youtube so here she is all finished.

She feels great to ride ,very user friendly i must admit. I was due to bring her to the 60th anniversary rally but time ran out too soon and the build was still at least a couple of weeks overdue.

But shes ready now and im sure ill see some of you at some point at one of the many rallys around the u.k.

All the best Terry

We offer our thoughts and prayers to Jim and family on the passing of his dad, Jimmy Walsh.

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P ete Edwards, long-time Secretary and Spares Officer of the UK-based Jawa-CZ Owners Club. What he's doing here is he's a-smokin' of a Peterson carve-it-yourself meerschaum pipe that Pat Brennan sculpted for him back in 1979 or 1980. Carved it into the shape of a 1960s JAWA twin-cylinder engine (without cylinder heads, fairly obviously). What a delightful colour ol' Pete's imparted to that pipe.

There was a youth (you've heard before, This woeful tale, may be),

Who bought a meerschaum pipe and swore That color it would he!

He shut himself from the world away, Nor any soul he saw.

He smoke by night, he smoked by day, As hard as he could draw.

His dog died moaning in the wrath Of winds that blew aloof;

The weeds were in the gravel path, The owl was on the roof.

"He's gone afar, he'll come no more,"The neighbors sadly say.

And so they batter in the door To take his goods away.

Dead, pipe in mouth, the youngster lay, Nut-brown in face and limb.

"That pipe's a lovely white," they say, "But it has colored him!"

The moral there's small need to sing — 'Tis plain as day to you:

Don't play your game on any thing That is a gamester too.

Ambrose Bierce's

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Carmen Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Alc 13.5%

I recently enjoyed a few glasses of this excellent wine. As the bottle was a gift I am unsure of the price but the quality was obvious.

Now I know French wine lovers have a thing about new world wines. They feel that in France wine is a family tradition and every now and then when everything works out just right, they produce an exceptional crop. Every 15 years or so. The New World wines are considered more of an industry. But I have found that the quality of French wines is not always reflected in what they cost. The New world wines have more consistent quality. If you spend x amount you know you will not be pouring it over your chips or salad.

So even though there is a Craft Beer festival in the RDS, this month I will try steer you towards a very pleasant glass of wine.

Do feel free to pass on what is your tipple for relaxation. It could help broaden everyones life.


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