Ballacolla 2012

Big Jim held the MZRC Southern Ireland rally back in the popular Ballacolla Farmhouse Hostel. Jim always organises a good bash and by the looks of it he was well rewarded with a fantastic turnout and great oversea's support. I was not there myself and do not have any written reports but the pictures do tell the story.

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Jawa fan from Italy.

Hi guys yesterday I was looking for a few Jawa pics when i found your site, also one link to the jawa site in Argentina(i,m Argentine-Italian citizen). Well i was owner for one Jawa 250 twin in the 80' in Argentina and let me tell you this bike was a piece of iron !!!.

I had a very rare two color Lambretta 150 made in India, my father told me about the Jawa reputation, at this time I was 18 and the price for a Jawa 250 with 400 KM the same for the Lambretta sold. All my friends drive Japan bikes bur I like rare bikes, I put the bike on the road to make my first 800 KM trip to the Ocean!!!!, when I got back to the city the central bearings for the cranshaft was damaged, I used a week quantity of oil in the mix!!!! Somebody told me later this bike needed a richer mix because have a little problem to lubricate the central bearings on the cranshaft!!! I changed the bearings and runs again, but not like before.

After this problem I traded the bike for a Honda CG125 1979(you can do anything with this bike and you can't brake the engine)and my Jawa time was closed, but is one of two bike as usually dream to buy again. A friend at this time introduce me to the Russian was a piece of junk with wheels, Mink's, Bosho's, Nieper's, Ural's,thanks to him, because a few years after discover also the British bikes and i,m starting to buy them and make a little restoration jobs,included the Russian bikes.


Lately i've started to work in a little Motorcycle shop and through my hands passed all kind of two wheels, for transportation I use a clasic Vespa px 150 from India,at this time in Argentina the Vespa's was imported new from India and a convenience price. Jawa's was not easy to find in good shape with low KM in those days because the import was closed for few years and no new models or parts were available. In 2001 i left the country and my dreams...For the moment i'm waiting for good economic situation to buy a old Jawa clasic,250 or 350 from the 80',those are the models i like. To close this mail i'm said sorry for my poor english, grammar is not my speciality, but i'm try!!!

Regards from Italy Willy Motoneta

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BJYMC International Jawa Yezdi day-2012

Members of this club are passionate, enthusiasts and owners of the rare Jawa bikes, here is a pack of rare bikes, whose production was discontinued in India in 1996. "The Jawa Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of July every year. This year we are riding out of the city to have a get-together in Shiva's Farm near Shivagange," said John Samuel, a co-founder of Bangalore Jawa Yezdi Motorcylce Club. Samuel owns two Jawa bikes - a 1975 model B and and 1980 classic. Over 80 rare bikes were present at the event, which started from St Mark's Road, outside Bowring Institute. "The best part of the bike is its roar.

John Samuel

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Medicine Cabinet

Disease Wine Daily dose

Mouse Wine

After many years biking with Mick I have only now discovered wine. Oh how healthy I would have been if I had listened earlier.

Brian Moore

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August has cleared our events list. You can see the season pass with events disappearing off our list. So time for a last Hurrah. Calling all JAWAs. Sunday 16th September. Run to the Forge Restaurant outside Buncloudy, Co. Wexford. It is actually on the N81 between Tullow and Bunclody. To be there for Lunch at 12.30. Let this be our late JAWA day. You can meet us at the Spawell Leisure centre at 11 or at the restaurant. See events for details.

Weekend Events

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RYNO Motors Full Story

An interesting YouTube item that you might find suitable for your electronic mag.

This is a great story on the early days of RYNO Motors up to the end of 2011. See our latest creation pre-production show bike at our web-site at:

Regards. Ian

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Boozing Bikers

Goldstein Gold Beer

On purchasing a 6 pack of Goldstein I was looking forward to enjoying a pleasent evening sampling. Being a Pale lager I served it well chilled. It poured with a good continential head. Even though it has a long neck there would be to much gas to drink from the bottle.Yes I was licking my lips my taste buds watering in antisapation.

beer drinking biker

But alas the good news stops here. It has a sour, dare I say urine taste. It is dry but when you find yourself wondering should you finish the bottle let alone the 6 pack you know you have been the victim of packaging and curiosity.

So this is one I suggest you give a miss. It is negative advice but with so many lovely beers out there why assult your body with a beer which does not even satisfy the title of bland.

A disappointed Mick

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Electric Jawa

As fuel prices once again start to rise I was wondering what solutions JAWA riders were trying. With JAWA having such a large footprint on the world it was likely that someone was trying something. It did not take long to find this.

This is not Mickey mouse, an accurate log is being kept. It goes over my head but Below is a sample of what is recorded.

Took 1st 24V test ride. Blew 100A breaker that is between 24V contactor and motor. Added another 100A breaker in parallel. Next test ride went very well. E-Jawa pulls 220 amps through all four gears and accelerates well at 24 Volts. Ran a couple of 1/8 mile runs out on the highway at my measured 1/8 mile. Shifts really nice. Contactors are holding up even though they are only rated for 120A make, 85A continuous and 65A break. May have to install bigger ones in the future. I really wanted to make the entire controller from local parts without ordering from all over the country. About $100 for two stage controller with parts from Radio Shack, Auto Parts and Hardware Store.

May 26th, got the first stage of my two stage contactor controller hooked up the original throttle and took another test run at 12 Volts. I can use the clutch to take off slowly or no clutch with a small jerk, but is very controllable at 12 Volts. The second stage of my controller will kick in 24 Volts to the motor with a little deeper twist of the original throttle grip.

To find out more and see footage of the working model follow the link.

Web link


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Replacing Sprocket Seal

Decided to change the oil seal that's located behind the final drive chain gear box sprocket / clutch spider after my rear tyre became quite oily after just a short trip out. Also a Quick update on the Jawa c.z. chassis project, Different seat e.t.c. I've attached this site as it explain's the application's and product's of Hylomar Blue sealent e.t.c.


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"Motorcycling "Types"

An Exploration of Some Motorcyclists in 1920s Britain" --" A very good read. It's interesting to see how the "types" of ninety years ago are by and large still among us now, even if they're (we're?) more inclined to wave a credit card at a dealer than to produce a set of Whitworth spanners and field-strip a Sturmey-Archer gearbox.

Pat Brennan

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