Road to JAWA

Many of you will know me as “Johnny come lately” to the Jawa Owners Club and the proud owner of a spanking new Jawa 350 Style. Since purchasing the bike, fellow motorcyclists, who remember this make, frequently ask me the question - why (in 2011) did you buy a Jawa?

The above question would probably not arise if I turned up on any of the popular models from Japan, Italy, Germany or America. Let’s face it, nowadays we are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying bikes. We have a huge range of model types available - sports, tourers, cruisers, enduros, street bikes and everything in between. They all have their individual following and market. People buy a particular type of bike because they like (or think they might like) that particular type of bike. While motorcycling is a very broad church, Jawa motorcycles are a rarity and belong, for most motorcyclists in these parts, on the fringes of that church. This fact, I find, arouses much greater curiosity about the bike and my motives for owning one.

I have no previous association with Jawa motorcycles, have never before owned or ridden one. My motorcycling life is a tale in two parts. My teens and early twenties were spent riding small capacity Japanese two strokes. All were very second hand by the time I acquired them but they provided reliable transport and a great deal of fun. We must now fast forward through nearly thirty bikeless years of marriage, mortgage and family responsibilities to the second coming. As a result of a rising economic tide providing more disposable income, the bikes in this period are large capacity Japanese four strokes with all the attendant speed and technical sophistication that goes with such machines. This all ended in early 2009 when, amidst raging economic storms, I sold my last bike –a Kawasaki ER 6N and fell back to shared use of my wife’s little Ninja 250.

An article in Motorcycling News in 2010 about a first ride on a Jawa 350 captured my interest. It was news to me that Jawa was still producing motorcycles and secondly that a new two stroke machine was still available for purchase. The bike looked great and seemed to tick all the boxes for this stage in my riding career. It was light in weight, had long travel suspension and a comfortable upright riding position. The dimensions of the bike were suitable for the taller European frame. It was technically a simple machine with good fuel consumption. There was back up in the form of spare parts from the UK. Speed had ceased to be a priority. I was more interested in enjoying the journey between points A&B rather than getting between them in the shortest possible time. The price was attractive for a new bike. Through the miracle of Google I later discovered Jawa Ireland, Pavel, the vibrant Irish Jawa owners club. Sound advice was provided by Mick, Ger and Pat from the Club –for which many thanks. It was then that the agonising started in earnest as to whether we could afford or indeed should run two motorcycles again. Heart won out over economic wisdom and in mid -2011 the purchase was made. The 350 has lived up to all my expectations. There are some drawbacks. The comfortable cruising speed of the machine is a little too slow for modern traffic conditions but this can be cured through gearing changes if you wish so to do. The gearbox is not a thing of beauty but familiarity breeds content in this case. To sum up I would quote from the 1915 poem, “The Road not Taken” by Robert Frost:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by

And that has made all the difference.”

Pat Gernon

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BIKE BUYERS GUIDE best 5 bikes of 2011

The JAWA 660 Sportard has been picked as one of the top 5 bikes of 2011 by the Bike Buyers Guide. It shares the podium with, BMW K1600 GT, Harley Davidson CVO convertible, HONDA Crossrunner, Triump Tiger 800. What an achievement for JAWA Ireland and the JAWA Factory. Well done boys.

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Welcome to all for 2012

A club is only as good as the people who are involved in it in one-way or another. Whether it is contributing to our monthly e-mag, attending our get togethers or yearly Rally. It is up to all of us to contribute in any way possible. Our website has been a fantastic success and has helped the group bond together and get the Clubs name out into the world. We have people viewing in almost every country. Our e-mag is the main driver and we know from feedback given that people love it. Mick has shown huge commitment and dedication and for that I would like to say a huge thanks to him and also to everyone else that have sent in an article or even e-mailed in with a comment.

A special thanks to the members who have donated again this year to cover the costs. Without these donations we would not be able to function.

Our club has grown from strength to strength and it is hard to believe it was only formed in 2010. This year we have moved our rally to Co.Wicklow. It would be great to see more Jawa owners attend if even to drop in on the Saturday to display your bikes. Remember our rally is open to everyone, non Jawa CZ owners and non-members. Please come along you will not be disappointed. The site is terrific and a great craic is guaranteed.

I would also like to wish Jawa Ireland every success in 2012 and beyond. Pavel and Jana have been great supporters of our events and are providing an excellent product at a very affordable price. They have some new bikes on sale at greatly reduced prices as they are bringing in new stock for the Belfast Bike show. They also have a selection of secondhand bikes of all types.

The weather this winter has been mild and with a stretch in the evenings it will soon be time to be planning longer spins. Safe journeys to you all in 2012.


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Jawa Yezdi Club Chandigarh Rally 25/6/11

These lads show how it is done.

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Great Snow Article

I read Gers Snow Shiffting article with intrest, this is a true story. In last years freeze I eventually dug my car out of a drift in the garden and went in to the house to check with my wife if there was anything more she wanted at the shops, this took about two minutes. I went back out to the garden and could not find my car, I knew I had cleared it of Snow and the driveway, the Bloody thing was buried under a foot of Snow. As there was a bright blue sky and sunny I could not understand what had happened and looked skywards for an answer none came and I was at a loss as to what had happened. Then a neighbour came by two minutes later and said what a great job Mat a local farmer had done on the road with his Snowblower. Mat had turned round at the road junction, forgot to redirect the spout of the Snowblower, so I got the lot, car and driveway. I had to start shovelling again, just lucky I was not standing there when it happened or instant Snowman would have been the end result.

The year before the Snowplough came up the road at speed and seventeen fence posts broke with the force of Snow, dont you just love Snow ploughs.

A Happy New Year to all in Ireland. And in Particular the Jawa CZ Club. I have enjoyed all your online Beanos

Yours Colin Barnetti

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What Women do for Men

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Dutch JAWA CZ Club

In 2012 the Dutch JAWA CZ club will exist for 20 years. It has become tradition for the club to organize an International meeting for JAWA owners every 5 years to celebrate JAWA. In 2002 their the fist event was organized in the eastern part of Holland, Burculo. Followed up with an edition in the northern province town Bourtange in 2007. For 2012 the town of Everdingen, located in the “Green hart” of Holland, will be the portrait of the latest edition of this event. Everdingen is a picturesque town located in the province of Utrecht between the river Lek and the cities Vianen and Culemborg.

The event will be held form Friday 25th of May 2012 until the 28th. Entrance + participation bike tour €10,– p.p Camping (per night per person) €6,– and €3,– Children (to 12 year)


Martin has costed two route options.

via SCOTLAND ferry from Larne to Stranraer 142euro return. Than from Newcastle to Amsterdam 300euro return with cabine. Distance on road 550km one way. Total ferry costs cca 450euro, petrol costs 100euro, camping once scotland 30euro per person/night total costs: 710euro + rally and food

via FRANCE (Martins preffered route) ferry from Rosslare to Cherbourg - 256euro return, distance on road 960km. Total ferry costs 256euro petrol around 200euro, camping twice in france euro30 per person/night, camping once in belgium euro30 per person/night. Total costs: 630euro + rally and food.

If you are interested why not contact Martin and discuss it.


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JAWA Owners Club UK

National Rally 2012

We are moving south this year by popular demand - to rural Bedfordshire to a pub called the Cross Keys at Pulloxhill 13 High Street Pulloxhill Bedfordshire MK45 5HB. Not far from either the M1 or the A6 and only 97 south of me in Derbyshire. It is a traditional small pub dating back to 1620 and Peter and Sheila who run it have been there since 1970. The pub has a full range of food which is reasonably priced and delicious. Breakfast £6, can be provided but we have to submit orders in advance both to ensure the food and to arrange the staffing. Gary Derland, Pat and I have sampled the delights prior to making booking. My pint of beer was £2-90 and a large red wine £3-30p. Filter coffee £1-10p. The Rally dates are 13 to 15 July so we are hoping for great weather. At the rear of the pub, with access off the car park is a camping field that is registered with the caravan club, so it is flat, well cared for and a good size. We will have exclusive use 13-15th. We plan to have a marquee adjacent to the pub building and our own toilet block on the rally field. We may also arrange a buffet for Saturday night depending on demand. It will be important for members to pre-book even if paying at the gate. Prices have yet to be fixed but camping is £3 a night with a caravan/van costing £5 a night. Visitors can arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday and fees must be paid at Rally Control not to the pub. Final cost will depend on the other expenses including rally badges.

Bedfordshire has many local attractions Gary will delight in showing to us. Info will be on the website and in Torque as finalised.

Thanks Sandy

For more detail on this and other

  • Weekend Events Look at our events page.
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    MZRC Southern Ireland Section

    Ballacolla Camp, 3rd/5th August 2012

    This year we are making a return to Farran House Hostel in Ballacolla Co. Laois for our annual camping weekend on the 3rd to the 5th 0f August 2012. There are rooms available in the hostel and also camping. If you are attending this year, you will need to book directly for both hostel room's and camping with Farran House Hostel. We intend to do a ride out on the Saturday for anyone interested in getting out on their bike's. There will be a bus trip to the local pubs in Ballacolla on both the Friday and Saturday nights.

    This will be a self catering weekend other than tea and coffee which will be provided, full kitchen facilities available. No fee for the rally only your accomadation to be paid for. Ballacolla is only 60 mls from Rosslare and the same from Dublin. A lot quicker with the new motorway than previous years.

    So, any questions you can e mail me at

    Contact details for hostel and camping booking as follows.

    Marty & Wendy Phelan, Farran House, Ballacolla, Co.Laois. Southern Ireland. Phone: 00353502-34032 Fax:00353502-34008


    web site:

    Looking forward to see you there, Jim,Catherine Walsh and Jimmy Steele

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    The year has turned and the calendar is filling up. There are lots of tempting events, many requiring Ferry trips across the water. Oh to be foot loose and fancy free. If you are orgainising an event or attending one, let us know how you get on. Make us green with envy.

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    Jawa 350 bobber

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    JAWA In Belfast

    JAWA Ireland have once again taken a stand in The Adelaide Motorcycle Festival 2012. As always there is that little bit of extra effort going into making sure that the JAWA Ireland stand is special. We look forward to once again seeing our many fans and supportors.

    For more detail look at the Weekend Events page or.

    The King's Hall Complex, Balmoral, Belfast, BT9 6GW. T. +44 (0) 28 9066 5225, F. +44 (0) 28 9066 1264,

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