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Jawa Ireland Gears up for RDS

Jawa Ireland is pulling out all the stops to make the biggest impact possible in the Motorcycle and Scooter Show 2011. It is held in the RDS from the 4th to the 6th March, the show traditionally attracts large audiences. Jawa Ireland are using this opportunity to showcase as full a range of Jawa Bikes as possible. Details of the stock ordered in for the show are secret but some surprises are expected.

There is even a rumour that they might launch the 660.

RDS Pass for Friday 4th March

Jawa Ireland have provided some passes for the RDS on Friday the 4th March. If you would like to avail of one of these then email us as always at jawabikes@gmail.com. Tickets are limited so contact us as soon as possible.

If you are attending the show at any time over the weekend do drop by the stand and introduce yourself. Friendly faces shorten the day for the hard working team at Jawa Ireland.

The Joy of Perfection

There is obvious joy being experienced here the advantage of doing a job to perfection.

JAWA 350, Un cigueñal reparado a la perfeccion, Grupo Laboratorio jawa. Ros., Argentina

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Whats in a Name


As usual, I enjoyed Issue 8, and I may even be able to make some suggestions about interesting beers for you to try in the future.

However, the purpose of this note is to tell you that, while I really liked the picture of the "artist's impression" by František Frélich of the CMN and Jawa 660 Sportard, please suggest to Mr. Frelich that he remove the "Californian" sideplate from his otherwise excellent picture.

I suggest this for two reasons: first, because this motorcycle would NEVER be permitted to be sold (or even ridden) in California -- owing to the very strict "air-quality" requirements in that state. California has lots of cars, motorcycles and power plants, and they have become very serious about reducing air pollution -- even for small motorcycles. The "Governator" of California, AHH-Nold Schwarzenegger (who has just left office this month) has been quite good about tending to environmental matters in California, and he even rides a motorcycle of sorts...... OK, he rides a BIG Harley, which, of course, pollutes a LOT more than a 4-stroke 250, but whaddya gonna do? He's AHH-Nold. He can do what he likes.

Second, although I may be the only one who remembers this, many years ago there was a 350cc Jawa 2-stroke twin sold in the US that had the model designation "Californian". Now I am not saying that this bike was a nightmare in terms of quality, reliability and durability, but one would not wish to compare it to a Yamaha RD350 (also a 2-stroke twin) or a Honda CB350. However, as I say, I may be the only one who remembers this bike, but I would not want to call a new Jawa a "Californian" for the same reason that I would not want to call a car for sale in the US a Yugo, a Simca or a Dacia. One shudders.

Thanks again for the nice e-magazine, and I wish you all very good luck in the future. I hope that Jawa's "comeback" in Ireland will be successful, and that Jawas will also be sold throughout Europe.

Also, many thanks to Pat Brennan for his masterful translation of the Jawa 250 Travel review. It was a great idea to put the English next to the Czech on the same page. It reminded me of my old copy of Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" with Chaucer's Middle Englysshe on one side and the modern English on the other side. But, yes, the Czech is a bit harder to make out. Except for Pat, of course!

Thanks again! David Wallace (in Hunterdon County, New Jersey)

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Jawa Perak Grand Prix Bernolakovo

Pérák Grand Prix in Bernolákovo, Slovakia. Brilliant hilarious! My God, how many Péráks are still floating around in CZ and SK? Even considering they produced them from 1945 to 1953 or so. The bikes and riders seem to manage getting a move on too, even if the odd rider slams himself face-first into straw bales.

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JAWA/ CZ Owners and Friends

3rd Annual Camping Weekend

Come and join us again in 2011!

Dates: Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2011

Venue: Parson’s Green, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary

Check out the official camping website at www.clogheen.com

Check in time Friday 6th from 4pm.

Onsite facilities include pleasant camping area, kitchen, showers, toilets, cafeteria (with wine licence), fast food outlet, museum, animal farm, boat rides, pony rides etc.

Site Costs: Small Tents €6 to pitch plus €4 per person per night. Family Tents €9 plus €4 per person per night. Some three-bedroom mobile homes available-sleep 6 for €140 for the 2 nights. New mobile homes sleep 6 for €160 for the 2 nights. Some nice Irish Pubs within 5 – 10 minutes stroll. Beautiful Mountain drives within 5 km’s. Runout planned for Saturday midday covering the beautiful Knockmealdown Mountains.

Rally fee €5 all oversea's visitors free.

Please note: No ATM machines or petrol pumps in the village. Nearby towns of Clonmel and Cahir have plenty. Parson's Green doesn't accept credit cards either.

Enquiries to Ger Duhig 00353 86 6000 638

Contact: ger.duhig@cleanzone.ie

Contact: mduhig@cablesurf.com

View Map and Directions

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Competition Motorcycles


One of my fondest memories is traveling by bus from my home town of Youghal, in the early 70’s and by Honda C50 in the following years to Cork to call into Competition Motorcycles in Caroline Street in Cork city.

I remember looking in the windows at the CZ 125 and CZ 175 models in the mid seventies and wishing I could somehow come up with the £269 or £289 for one of these two beauties. They may as well have been £2 million each because as a first year apprentice at the time earning £10 a week it was out of the question.

I recently caught up with Phil Tivy the co-owner of the shop. Attached is my article on Competition Motorcycles and some pretty good memories.

Click for article Competition Motorcycles

Ger Duhig

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Brno-Soběšice 2010

Maybe its age but if I was to take part in a race I think it would be this one. A bit of style, not too much pace.

And the bike to do it on. Well I have always had a liking for 500cc machines. You would not be sneaking up on anyone on one of these baby's.

Have a listen to this!!!!

ČZ 500 type 860 V4

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Steierland Rally

Koarl Szalcsak and Mehmet Özge Deren. Members of our Club and contributors to the JAWA Motorcyclist. Have enjoyed a fantastic adventure.

Mehmet (JAWA 638/Velorex) and his Austrian friend Andreas from Ankara (Kanuni 301/Velorex), had a trip to Austria and back for a rally in Steierland where the temperature was -15C. After a long weekend they both returned to Turkey. Mehmet says it was a 5,000 kilometre round trip.

The video footage gives us a teast of what it was like. We would all love to hear more.

Below is a photoshow made with photos taken in Turkey from about 1997 to 2000 onwards. Things have changed quite a bit out there, which to me is a bit sad.


ENJOY! Cheers Mario

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Beer Drinking Bikers

beer drinking biker

The beers here are courtesy of Holland's off-licence on Main Street, Bray. Though it must be stated here first off that I'd bought these beers myself, hadn't been supplied them as freebies, and that Holland's were in no way party to any of this and knew nothing about it.

Here's the first of three beers from Poland. All these beers are supplied in 500ml cans.

1. Tatra, 6% ABV

tatre can

A classy job this, coming as it does in a yellow-ochre tin with the illustration of a manly chap in a white shirt, black waistcoat and hat, with a pipe in his hand. It comes from the Polish side of the High Tatra mountains, most of which are in Slovakia. This beer is way superior to what's to be found on the Slovak side, though. It's described as "piwo z charakterem" -- a beer with character -- and that's no word of a lie. A little darker in colour than a lager, and that's largely because it's a pilsner. All these Polish beers here are of that kind: in other words, they're not lagers. Tatra is very easy to drink, has much more flavour than the usual British Isles fighting-strength lager stuff. It doesn't (initially) give the impression that it's all that strong, but that impression might change radically if you kept at it all day. It's produced by the brewery Grupa Żywiec SA, who brew the Żywiec beer we can get in most Irish supermarkets now. It tastes even better than Zhivvy, though. Definitely recommended.

Pat Brennan

I look forward to sampling this beer Pat and if I survive the experience I will enjoy your await your second recommendation.

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I would like to mention some new friends who have paid us the compliment of advertising our site. North American JAWA/CZ.


Smoke Signals.


Mzrc-Southern-Ireland-Section on Facebook

Jawa Ireland

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