ČMN and Jawa 660 Sportard

The current issue of ČMN (No. 50) among other things features the Jawa Sportard 660. There isn't a lot of information, but still there's something. For example, there will be a choice of two standard wheel sizes, the machine will be launched in spring 2011 (we hope so ...), and that they're preparing a further model of the 660. It will be a retro style, which I assume will look roughly as follows: The above artists impression by František Frélich of the http://shark660.webnode.cz/ site. is eye candy to any Jawa Fan.

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JAWA/ CZ Owners @ Friends

3rd Annual Camping Weekend

Come and join us again in 2011!

Dates: Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2011

Venue: Parson’s Green, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary

Check out the official camping website at www.clogheen.com

Check in time Friday 6th from 4pm.

Onsite facilities include pleasant camping area, kitchen, showers, toilets, cafeteria (with wine licence), fast food outlet, museum, animal farm, boat rides, pony rides etc.

Site Costs: Small Tents €6 to pitch plus €4 per person per night. Family Tents €9 plus €4 per person per night. Some three-bedroom mobile homes available-sleep 6 for €140 for the 2 nights. New mobile homes sleep 6 for €160 for the 2 nights. Some nice Irish Pubs within 5 – 10 minutes stroll. Beautiful Mountain drives within 5 km’s. Runout planned for Saturday midday covering the beautiful Knockmealdown Mountains.

Rally fee €5 all oversea's visitors free.

Please note: No ATM machines or petrol pumps in the village. Nearby towns of Clonmel and Cahir have plenty. Parson's Green doesn't accept credit cards either.

Enquiries to Ger Duhig 00353 86 6000 638

Contact: ger.duhig@cleanzone.ie

Contact: mduhig@cablesurf.com

View Map and Directions

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view from saddle

Travel 250 Year One Review

JAWA 250 Travel První rok aktualizace

by AlešT

Nick: AlešT. Mêsto: Hoêice

Nickname: AlešT. Town: Hořice

Objevil jsem tento článek z AlešT, když jsem hledal na webu v poslední době (ve stranku www.motokari.cz). Je zpráva o 250 Travel kterou on koupil v roce 2008. Dává takový upřímný a přesný vyprávění, že jsem měl ho publikovat zde.

Surfing the web I found this article by AlešT. A report on the 250 Travel he purchased in 2008. He gives such an honest and accurate account that I have republished it here.

Many thanks to Pat for his help translating.

Click A Second opinion. Druhý Opioion

The motorkari site

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A JAWA 350 Chopper

An interesting Jawa with a car rear wheel, no baffles extended front forks. You do not need a Harley to make a statement.

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Vietnam JAWA Club

Some incredible stuff from Vietnam here. Interesting off road models and some very modern looking ideas. Jawa can never complain that their supporters do not make enough suggestions as to how production could develop.

Courtesy of Mehmet and Mario.

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Glossglockner in 2009

Jiří Jaša has come up trumps again with this video of his navigation around Glossglockner in 2009. His CZ250 model 455 has seen some sites. Its nice to see a bit of good weather at this time of year. Thanks Jiří

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Clutch Pin Removal

We all have jobs that we dislike doing. But not many of us are wise enough to manufacture a tool to make the job a pleasure. Terry Hines has done just that. So you can leave your 11 spanner in its slot and save a fingernail.

Thanks Terry Hines

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Beer Drinking Bikers

beer drinking biker

There has been some talk in the Club about a Beer review in the mag. A few friends were dropping by so I took the opportunity to try something new, get the bottle rolling sort of speak.

SVYTURYS naturally brewed Ekstra larger This 5.2%Alc/vol ‘export’ beer is in the European Dortmunder style and has a bright golden crystal clear colour, married to the classic pilsner style foaming white head. When tasted you experience the purity of flavour which is down to the selection of only the finest quality natural ingredients of malting barley, water, hops and yeast – with no further additives! This gives a clean tasting beautifully balanced beer that was awarded Silver Medal at the World Beer Cup in 2000, and coveted Gold Medal Award at the World Beer Championship in 2001.

Yes Lithuania's most popular caught my eye. It is on sale in Dunne's for just over 2 euro a 500ml bottle. It is dark for a lager with lots of flavour. A slight warm after taste, possibly a hint of ginger or barley. Not sweet but not dry. Not a drink to be rushed at 5.2% but one that goes down very well. I like it at room temperature more than out of the fridge. It fueled a pleasant evening and will not be gathering dust on any supermarket shelf that I pass.

If you can find the time to sample some beer delights why not write in and let us know how you fared.

Mick D

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Loobman Update

Loobman One Month using the Loobman and I was pleased till the bottle came loose and rubbing off the tyre leaked all over the place. A new bottle is ordered from Loobman and I will cable tie it so it does not have the option to fall out of its cradle again. Loobman have been very helpful in advising me and supporting their product. It is refreshing to have a supplier so interested in the performance of his design.

Link to Loobman article

This link will take you to the Loobman site. www.chainoiler.co.uk/

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micky mouse
The closing date for e-mag material is the 20th of the month. Anything that comes in after that may be held over for the next issue. This is to give me time to put the e-mag to bed as they say in the printing world. If anything is date sensitive I will do my best to oblige. Many thanks to all who have contributed to the e-mag. It is true to say I could not do it without you. So as always!

Keep the emails coming.


Seeing as you have had the pleasure of seeing Pat and Ger dressed for work it is only fair that I come clean and show you what lengths I go to in looking after the e-mag and web page. Its true what they say if the suit fits?

Please do not be shy about getting in contact. All material is welcomed, photo's, video, views, jokes, riders reports, goods wanted or for sale can be advertised. It is the riders reports on their bikes and the home fix articles that attract most attention. If it is what you like to read it is what people want to know. So do share your experience. If you are not in we all loose out.

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