The Chalk man Edgar Mueller shows a 3D perspective on city streets.

Chalk art was part of the Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, Festival of World Cultures.

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The Jawa Motorcyclist wishes you all a wonderful Halloween.


October did not let me down, it provided a lot of pet days and dry weather. Ideal for biking, although the low sun did add its own dimension. I must say the built in sun visor in my Lidl helmet proved very useful. That said the drop in temperature is getting more pronounced now. Once the rain comes the leaves will litter the roads and make life very slippery so do be careful. I have seen the first of the sanding trucks out already so the salt, wet and machine are squaring up for their winter battle already.

I have been promised details of events for next year so do keep an eye on what is happening so you can plan. The various weekends may not be every ones cup of tea, it is the the same old crew who most often turn up. But all are welcome, we do not as of yet anyway bite the heads off chickens but if you you get the opportunity to attend be assured you will be made welcome.

Acewell Digital Display.

Problem with Acewell Digital Display unit

Back in April I noticed a small glow on the charging light on the Acewell Digital Display unit on my one month old Jawa 640.

Read the report

650 classic

Jawa 650 Classic Riders Report

We are fortunate to have received this report from John Osborn which gives an accurate account of his first impressions of his Jawa 650 style, and his personal modifications. The bike is now an outfit and with some luck he might let us know how the bike is coping with the chair.

Jawa Gets A HEAD.

Mario brought this site to our attention.

This YouTube is extremely odd. Possibly even odder than the famous Hungarian 1050cc six. Have you any idea what sort of four-stroke top end has been grafted onto a bog-standard two-fifty of the 353 (or similar) persuasion? It has been suggested by Roger Henderson that it's a Volkswagen Beetle cylinder. Looks about right, at that.

Nore Valley Weekend

By any standards a great weekend.

Friday the 15th of October was the Alamo of our camping weekends. It coincided with the Snail clocking up 6000k so before heading down she had her service. Nothing unusual, she already had a new clutch cable, the rocker gasket was a bit battered so I cut a paper one and put a little gasket cement on the 4 nuts that hold it in place. They have a tendency to loosen so I am hoping the bit of damping will keep them sung. I headed down the Saturday, in brilliant sunshine with very little wind. Traveling the back roads was a pleasure although a flying coal bunker leaping off a trailer in front of me was an added bit of excitement. The Snail and I out manoeuvred the obstacle, and found Nore Valley Campsite. I will let the pictures tell the story from here. There are enough of them. I could not say which was best, the spot Tiger Woods competition, or search for a formula one driver, man or wild beast quiz, or even Gerry's 50 something birthday. No I am wrong I do know what I enjoyed best. Getting away on the bike with all the time in the world to cover an easy distance. If you don't leave the world behind you every now and then you can never appreciate anything.

The event was blessed with good weather, but a lot of frost on the Saturday night for anyone sober enough to feel it. Jim tells me he does not do bad weather so this is an event worth attending next year. Also there may be caravans available for hire which would be very cosy.

Click here for Jims official report.

Mangart Pass on a CZ 250/471.

In the Issue 4 we saw the rebirth of a CZ 250. This video shows that the bike is doing what it is meant to do. You feel that you are there yourself and the engine sounds very good. As good as the Isle of Man. Jirinsv

More detail on Ger's Winter project

More photo's of the CZ 175 that Ger is restoring.