ISSUE 4 October 2010

The Banner Picture this month is the Jawa 350 Sport as advertised on the Jawa Ireland web site.


Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Argentina, United States, India, Germany, France, Netherlands, Slovakia, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Canada, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Australia, Finland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Thailand, Norway, Slovenia, Isle of Man, Lithuania, Cuba, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, New Zealand, Macedonia, Chile, Switzerland, Iceland, Philippines, South Africa.

No its not a Song Contest, they are some of the countries that are home to visitors of our site. I used to think that being a Jawa Motorcyclist was joining a minority. But I was forgetting my history. Jawa have been in production long enough to have left their mark worldwide. They owned markets that were closed to other manufacturers. They were not allowed to develop as much as they liked, but they built a strong reputation worldwide.

The introduction of new models shows they are making the effort to keep old markets and capture ones that were denied to them. Information and parts are going to be key to the success of Jawa into the future. The failure to supply owners manuals in the languages needed is only the tip of the iceberg. Technical information and fast reliable spares are basic requirements if the bikes are to succeed.

The fact that a new site run by Jawa supporters can attract over 500 new visitors in a month and have over 1000 pages viewed is evidence of the appetite there is for Jawa worldwide. Let's hope they rise to the challenge.

As many of the Club members have existing models of Jawa and Cz it is time to represent them on the site. We have placed a new Link on the main page Existing Models. If you own or have owned a model you would like included just let us know. Riders reviews are always welcome, technical information is the lifeblood of any Jawa or Cz collector so please share.

What Has Not Been Tried on the Jawa 350 engine.

Anyone who has spent any time on the Jawa 350 twin 2 stroke engine has wondered what it would be like with this modification. The fact it looks so professionally done and fits so neatly into the frame, makes you wonder why the factory has not tried it themselves.

Ger Shares his Winter Project with us

CZ 175 restore

Ger will not have much time to watch the soaps this winter. He has a nice project on hand to restore this CZ 175. He has promised us photos and an account of the difficulties he has to overcome.

Holland Calling

Hi, there's some confusion over here (holland) about the setting of the float of the 638. A manual states 11mm measured from the bottom of the flaot chamber, which is very meager, on p.165 of; states a slightly confusing story. Is 'dividing plane' the top of the flaot chamber, so 11mm measured from the top of the chamber? And is the 25cm overpressure based on the fuel line distance?

Gr Arnaud, NL

If any 638 owners have any advise for our Dutch friends please email us and we will pass the information on. Remember our contact email address is

JAWA-CZ Owners Club UK.

National Rally

Photos from Market Harborough.

I feel a trip across the water next year is on the cards. We always received a very warm welcome in the past. Time to start putting a euro a week into the coffee jug. I fancy my chances of bringing the first of the new Jawa 250's to England. How may years is it since the Irish invaded the hospitality of our neighbours?

Wanaka Museum

The museum is the Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum at Wanaka, Otago, New Zealand. Mike Paterson took these photos of Jawa motorcycles at the transport museum last year.

photo from New zealand photo from New zealand

The Rebuild of a Cz250

Jiri Jasa from Czech Republic is a serious CZ fanatic. He has some very interesting pieces on Youtube. This clip shows his restoration of a Cz 250. He has others showing us some of his travels.

Thats all for this month. I look forward to seeing any of you who make it to the camping weekend organised by Jim Steele at Nore Valley Park, Bennettsbridge, Kilkenny. Co. Kilkenny. We are always delighted to have feedback so do email us.