Redcross Rideout 2013

What another beautiful day in the saddle. Only Mick could pick two sunny Saturdays in two years in this country. Earlier on Saturday morning we looked up to the Heavens and things did not look great as rain clouds loomed over the Wicklow Mountains. But as soon as Mick fired up “The Snail” the sun came out and stayed out for the rest of the day. Mick led the way at a steady pace through a similar route as last year and why not as this really is a classic route for any rally. This year saw nine Jawa’s on the rideout which was great to see along with some Royal Enfields, MZ’s, Yamaha, BMW, Vincent. We made our way from Woodenbridge through Avoca, where we gave a proper biker send off to a funeral cortege which we happened to catch up to. As they walked behind the Hearse for what seemed like a mile to the local cemetery. After finally getting by, we made our way onto Laragh and had a stop for lunch at the Wicklow Heather Restaurant. Same venue as last year and why not, as the food is excellent.

Video curtesy of Roman Bočko

Most like me went inside but others opted for the better choice which was outside in the sun. After lunch Owen arrived with his beautiful Californian 250 which immediately had a lot of people reaching for their cameras. A large gathering of our friends from the Royal Enfield Club were at a nearby Hostelry. John Nicholls, Peter Redmond, Bill Brugman, Peter and Phillip George who kindly started the rideout with us joined them and we went our separate ways. After lunch most headed back to Redcross but Pavel convinced me to follow him up Sally Gap and along the Old Military Road, we continued down Wicklow Way and around to view the magnificent Guinness family Estate at the edge of Lough Tay and onto Roundwood and back by Avoca to Redcross. Once again a great Rideout in the beautiful “Garden of Ireland”..


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Turkish Riot

"Our friend Mehmet in Ankara (Turkey) has sent us some photos of demonstrations in Ankara. See them here at No more Fascism... please share this link with others.

Tonight was a holly night for believers everybody meet in park and share their foods with neighbours suddenly police attack with gas.

Thanks for your attention.

Cheers Mehmet


Turkey being an American ally means that little international pressure will be brought to bear on the state to clean up its act. Democracy however can only be measured by how a state treats its own people. Not who it allows share airspace with.

Keep safe Mehmet.


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Yu Ming is ainm dom.

"Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom" is a short Irish-made film (10 minutes) from 2003. The hero Yu Ming (Wu Diyu) is trapped in a dead-boring job in a shop in China. He wants out, and quickly. In the local library he lets fate take a hand, by spinning a terrestrial globe and letting it stop rotating where his finger lands. It ends up on Ireland. He borrows books on Ireland, reads that the official language there is Gaelic (Irish), and takes to learning it. Our hero lands in Dublin, can read the airport bilingual Irish/English signs just fine, and catches a bus to Dublin city centre. Here his problems begin: he can speak Irish, but in what's de facto English-speaking Ireland nobody understands him. But in a pub the lucky Yu Ming encounters Old Paddy (Frank Kelly), who praises the quality of his spoken Irish. Their conversation prompts one uncomprehending bartender to say to another, "Did you know oul' Paddy could speak Chinese?" Yu Ming winds up happily in West Coast Ireland's Irish-speaking enclave, An Ghaeltacht, where he's found tending bar and greeting tourists in the Irish language

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KTM 390 Duke


Austrian firm KTM has just introduced a new roadster with a single-cylinder 372cc DOHC engine. It's made in India, but apparently it gets shipped to the parent factory in Mattighofen for pre-release inspection before release. It looks good. Very, very good, in fact. See a review here from the PistonHeads site,

I'd like to call your attention to one paragraph in particular. It reads as follows:

So we're reading this while also learning that JAWA intend in future to produce nothing smaller than 660cc? All this while the motorcycle growth area seems to be in 200cc and smaller-capacity machines? Do JAWA know something that KTM don't?


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Garrison 2013

Pictures to help celebrate the achievement, 25 years of MZ biking history. The Garrison Rally 2013. Happy biking makes time fly.

Mark Redding

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OIL Matters

This is what the owners handbook is stating for 2 stroke mix for Jawa 640.

For me I use fully synthetic Rock oil for direct injection. For the run in period I added about 100ml extra into the petrol tank at each tank fill. This info I got from F2. Now I just go by what the pump is doing, I assume 60:1. Engine seems fine and plug colour is good. Driving home the other morning from Redcross I had her at 120km-130km(on its clock!!) for most of the journey.

I assume the use of fully synthetic as opposed to normal 2 stroke would allow the 60:1 mix to be ok but wouldn't fancy using normal cheapo 2 stroke at 60:1.

For the 638 premix is stated in the handbook(edition 1985) as 33:1 for run in period and 40:1 after.

As regards what do the manuals say for our country as opposed to Ukraine/ Russia - exact same I would imagine as all handbook have several different languages. My handbook (640)is in Czech/ Slovak, English and Spanish. 638 handbook is in English, French, German and Spanish.


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The Over 30’s

The fact that the JAWA factory web site states that they no longer produce the JAWA 250 Travel will not cause me to cease my reporting on how my bike is progressing. If anything the soviet approach of the factory to its customers, enhances the importance of Jawa riders and Fans combining our knowledge.

The Snail (JAWA 250 Travel) is now 3 years old. She has over 30,000K to her credit. The bike is used every week, most of my driving is short city commuting.

Snail Heather