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ISSUE 3 September 2010

It has been a fantastic summer. But as the evenings close in, the events page gets wiped clean. The opportunity to head away for the weekend are not as plentiful. But it is a lovely time of year to get out for a spin. The Autumn colors, long shadows from a low sun on the pet days are great. Some of you might be thinking of putting your winter energy to constructive use. Pottering away with the bits and pieces of unfinished projects. If you have any delights fermenting in your garage we will look forward to seeing them or hearing of them. Ger is inspired by the this machine.

Anyone got 2 spare engines for Ger

I keep my bike on the road throughout the winter. I have found a new oil, Lanolin. It comes in spray or tins. It also comes in different weights. It is derived from sheep's wool, is resistant to salt as well as moisture. I have been using it for a few months now and so far I am pleased with it. I will let you know how I get on with it over the winter months. Common sense is not all that common, so if you have any tips for surviving the winter, or storing your machine do pass then on.

Wooden Jawa2
Do you like working with wood.

Members have been shy sending in Photos of there bikes, please do not be we would love to add them to the front page of the site. As always I hope you enjoy the e-mag. Articles are sent in by members and may not even represent their feelings or beliefs let alone the those of anyone else. If you wish to contribute to the e-mag send your articles and pictures to

The e-mag like life is as good as you make it.

Jawa CZ Club Ireland membership update

As of today (6th September 2010) our club membership stands at 43 an increase of 13 since July. This month we welcome new members from Ireland, Northern Ireland and England. A fresh batch of 13 membership cards are on the way to all.


Jawa to begin selling new motorcycle

Acknowledgements to the "Shark660" website,

"Deník", Saturday 9 August 2010

It was introduced in Spring of last year, but the crisis caused production to be postponed. Now everything is different and the new machine goes out into the world. Vojtěch Janda

Prague - Czech motorcycle legend, Jawa of Týnec, will come to the market next year with a brand new motorcycle. It will be called Jawa 660 Sportard and should sell in the spring of next year, Jawa CEO František Hruška said in an interview with "Deník". Price should not exceed the 150,000 koruna limit (about €6,030). Factory boss: It was held up by the crisis.

The first time the public could see the Jawa 660 was at the Motorcycle Fair in Prague in 2009. But since then, the water closed over her. "The crisis caught her up," said the Jawa CEO when asked why the machine hadn't gone on sale. As stated, the motorcycle will be available to buy in Spring next year. Compared to the prototypes the production model should feature only a few optical changes to the bike. "We've changed some details, for example we've bought new brakes," Hruška adds. The new Jawa 660 replaces the older series of Rotax-engined 650s. Instead it will feature the stronger Minarelli engine, which is manufactured under license in Italy from Yamaha of Japan. There are two versions: the standard model with 35 kW and a detuned version with 25 kW. One of the most important parameters for the potential customers will definitely be price. Jawa has previously indicated that it would not charge above one hundred and fifty thousand crowns, and the factory intends to stick with that. But yet it will not be easy for Jawa to compete because at a similar price level Japanese manufacturers sell similar motorcycles. However, Jawa don't intend to be complacent. At the present time they are developing perhaps the most powerful engine in their rich history with a capacity of 1,000 cubic centimetres. According to the director Jawa's engine is already built into a rolling chassis and is currently being tested. Of course, František Hruška refuses to discuss details of this project.

Risks in running the Czech legend

According to earlier observations by motorcycle expert and editor of ČMN magazine Petr Pour, it is difficult to assess whether the new, one-litre Jawa will actually be produced, and if so, how it would sell. "A one-litre bike would certainly be destined for the Middle Eastern markets, where Jawa has often exported before. On the other hand, it could be routed towards the European market", and says that if quality is high it could be a successful model. Otherwise, it could be a nightmare.

Thanks to Pat Brennan for the investigative Journalism.

Report from Doolin 2010

Jim and Catherine took us across the Shannon for an MZ Ireland weekend. And this is what happened!

Pictures from Doolin