ISSUE 2 August 2010

Members Bikes
Hi all, thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support. I am delighted to say that the site and e-mag have enjoyed an even more international response then our rallies. An even bigger thank you to everyone who has supplied us with pictures, articles and interesting links, keep them coming. English is not the first language of many of our visitors and members that is why we are especially delighted to receive pictures and video. I know may of our visitors and members do not own a Jawa or Cz. But it is that variety that adds the colour to our Club and site. It is also a carrot to dangle in front of the Jawa factory as we look to see even more models of Jawa on offer, to meet our needs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Oldřich Němec in Jawa for helping me by supplying the information I needed to service my Jawa 250 model 597. There is disappointment that the 660 has failed to come into production. But we all hope the factory can overcome its difficulties and offer a full range of machine sizes.

It has been suggested that we should put up a link to photographs of members bikes. It will be on display at the top of the web page. All members bikes are welcome, Jawa or whatever. You never know, maybe your bike might be the model that inspires Jawas next model. So email us in a picture of your machine at and show your bike on the net.

As always the views expressed do not necessarily reflect truth, reality or even points of view. But hopefully they are entertaining and informative.

Jawa CZ Club Ireland membership update

As of today (24th July 2010) our club membership stands at 30. The amount of interest we have had in the club has been amazing. When we spoke in early May, during the formation of the Club, we targeted 20 members by year-end. This figure has now been surpassed already by 50%. Laminated membership cards have now been posted to all. When we meet at Rally’s we discuss things like, where have all the Jawa’s and CZ’s gone in Ireland? Let me tell you that there are plenty out there and just because we don’t see them or they have not attended Rally’s it doesn’t mean that the bikes are not out there. We hope that more will contact us. Even if you do not want to be part of the club or attend Rally’s we would still love to hear from you. If you own or are a fan of Jawa CZ motorcycles drop us a line or better still a photograph of your pride and joy. It is great to see the photographs of bikes that are around still, so please keep them coming. This month we welcome new members from Austria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Slovakia and Turkey. Ger

Honda 50 Run around the Ring of Kerry In aid of the Irish Kidney Association.

Ger and Eugene scale the heights of Kerry on small machines and challenge anyone to do it on a Jawa next year.

It is easy to forget how much of the world has been touched by Jawa. This video from India shows Czech Yezdi Day ride out. Something we must organise. Amazing how familiar everyone looks.