Eamonn test drives the 650 Style Outift.

Anything can happen on a Jawa weekend

Not sure where he will put the 4 kids Wife and Dog?

But he is not thinking of that here.


It is the show season. Jawa Ireland put out a great stall in the RDS Dublin and by all accounts it has paid them back. On a social visit to the shop much of the new stock has already been sold. These YouTube videos of the 660 and the 250 Travel as shown at the Belgian motorcycle show in Ciney. Note that the 660 is presented as having its "World Premiere"!

Now a video that I believe was uploaded by the Works. I think the car in the video is one of the pre-war JAWA models, and not intended for future production

Ok so we have seen the 660 but what does it sound like. Enter an enterprising chap, dutchurbanminer. Here's a clip of the 660 being started and ticking-over on the stand. (I see it's got a Belgian licence plate, so it's obviously not going back home to Týnec!)

Now time to turn green, someone taking the 660 for a short run. The poor camera man seems to get a little worried it might not return.

Many thanks to Pat Brennan brought these clips to our attention.

What a Beauty

Jawa Ireland have done it again. Bill Hallett from Clifden is the lucky owner of this beatiful outfit. Decorated in true Jawa Ireland fashion. The distintive style and extra effort that Pavel puts into each of his creations make purchasing a bike from Jawa Ireland a very rewarding experience indeed.

Or as Pat put it, Ahoj, Pavle: To je více než pěkný autfit, to je báječně krásný. Možná, že bys měl nastavit tady saidkarovou školu, a prodávat stovky těchto věcí.

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The Snail looses a tooth

Jawa 250 model 597, often referred to as the Snail is now a year old. She has 9000 k on the clock and has survived her first winter on the road. There is nothing unusual to report on her 9000k service. The port tappets were adjusted slightly. The side casing was removed and the filter cleaned but it was not dirty. I have used 15 grade fork oil in the front forks as I felt that the 20 I used last time made them too stiff. The rear brake hub was a little seized so I cleaned and oiled the break cam. The Bolts holding the rear sprocket needed tightening. I had changed the tyres to Avon Battleaxe but the rear has worn badly. This may be because it is one of those duel tyres which can go front or back. The front tyre has lasted well. I am very pleased with the performanceof the loobman. All in I feel the bike is holding up well.


The Snail is used mainly around Dublin so city driving with some motorway is the winter diet. Now that the days are getting longer and the Club events are around the corner I was thinking of how I could improve the performance of the bike on the longer runs. It took me a while to get used to the 250 engine coming from a 500cc machine and at first I admit I did push the little machine. But I have relaxed into the bike now, the cruising speed of the bike is between 6000 and 7000 rev. 6500 rev from the engine is worth 90k on the road with my weight. I looked and there is no room to increase the size of the engine sprocket. So I have had a new rear sprocket made with one tooth less. This uses up nearly all the adjustment in the chain. But not so much as I could remove a link yet. It is early days but so far I reckon it gives me between 3 and 5 K extra cruising at 6500 rev. I need to do some more mileage to see what it does for fuel figures but it should improve them. So far the bike feels exactly the same around town. On the little bit of motorway I do the engine seems well able to pull. On trips via the mountains the bike seemed just as able for the steep hills. I will keep you informed as to how I get on. But I am already wondering could I get away with loosing another tooth.

Mick Doran

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This add is sponsored by the Jawa Motorcyclist. I forgot to update their details when they moved. Apology for any inconvenience caused.

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Jawa on the BIG SCREEN

A Jawa clip from old Turkish movies.`

I was going to title this Advanced Driving Technique. But no title does it justice. Be warned Minder and the Sweeney will seem tame after watching.

Perhaps a Title Competition is called for here. Something like "Smokier then a speeding bullet". Send us your suggestions. No prize but but I will publish the best worst and those in between.

Has anybody noticed the early shot of what could be our own Spider Pat in the movie. Not sure if he is trying to rescue the girl and by her expression neither is she.The moral seems to be if you are a Jawa Pilot, not afraid to ambush a convertible, deliver a roundhouse to its driver, make the ultimate sacrifice and shave. You too could trade up to a BMW Boxer, and have a far away look in your eye.

Good old days :)

Enjoy Cheers Mehmet

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JAWA/ CZ Owners and Friends

3rd Annual Camping Weekend

Come and join us again in 2011!

Dates: Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May 2011

Venue: Parson’s Green, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary

Check out the official camping website at www.clogheen.com

Check in time Friday 6th from 4pm.

Onsite facilities include pleasant camping area, kitchen, showers, toilets, cafeteria (with wine licence), fast food outlet, museum, animal farm, boat rides, pony rides etc.

Site Costs: Small Tents €6 to pitch plus €4 per person per night. Family Tents €9 plus €4 per person per night. Some three-bedroom mobile homes available-sleep 6 for €140 for the 2 nights. New mobile homes sleep 6 for €160 for the 2 nights. Some nice Irish Pubs within 5 – 10 minutes stroll. Beautiful Mountain drives within 5 km’s. Runout planned for Saturday midday covering the beautiful Knockmealdown Mountains.

Rally fee €5 all oversea's visitors free.

Please note: No ATM machines or petrol pumps in the village. Nearby towns of Clonmel and Cahir have plenty. Parson's Green doesn't accept credit cards either.

Enquiries to Ger Duhig 00353 86 6000 638

Contact: ger.duhig@cleanzone.ie

Contact: mduhig@cablesurf.com

View Map and Directions

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Beer Drinking Bikers

beer drinking biker

Available in Holland's off-licence on Main Street, Bray. Once again I bought this beer myself, and Holland's were in no way party to any of this.

Okocim Mocne, 7.1% ABV


This one, and the Dębowe Mocne last month, are the sort of things you'd go drinking if you were the type who'd wander into a Porter House bar and settle down to an afternoon of drinking their "Brainblásta" while reading The Wall Street Journal. The Okocim Mocne is a lovely beer that tastes rather like someone had taken a slug out of your bog-standard lager and topped it up with a whiskey. It would be just the beer to wash down a vindaloo curry or a very strong Mexican meal. This beer's owned by Carlsberg Polska Sp. z.o.o. from Warsaw, and I can tell you it's infinitely better than anything sold on tap here under the Carlsberg name. This is a beer for the whole day, assuming that day was Friday and you had all Saturday and Sunday to recover. With paramedic assistance, preferably.

Pat Brennan

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