The Phoenix

Only Ger could say if it was an orchestrated plan or a moment of weakness. But when he raked the ashes of the old Jawa Club with a “lets do it again lads,” he got a reaction. The old Jawa Club was fuelled by a need for parts and expertise to keep our bikes going. The total lack of support of any of the dealers made it a necessity. But it developed into a lot more. We became mates, we kept our bikes going for longer and further then most of us expected. As we grew our responsibility took over but many have still managed to keep in touch, some still on bikes but all bikers at heart. So the suggestion, “lets start up the Club again” was like asking would you like to go to a party or stay in and watch telly. The timing is good to, with Jawa Ireland feeding new models and beautifully restored bikes into the market, we will be free to enjoy the more pleasurable side of the Club. A browse through some o f the rally photos will explain what I mean. It’s nice not being an adult every now and then. So the plan is to keep it easy and fluid. Nothing is cast in stone. If you have a suggestion this is a handy way to share it. Let us know what you think.

This is the first edition of our new e-mag. The articles in it do not necessarily reflect truth, reality or even points of view. Hopefully they are entertaining and informative. Anyone can send in articles for the magazine. I know the editor he is a push over and unlikely to edit much. So enjoy until next time.