Jawa Cz Club Ireland

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Royal Enfield

Powers the Pot Caravan and Camping park

11th to 13th August 2017

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Harneys Cross, Mountain Road, Clonmel, Tipperary, Republic of Ireland

Phone: +353 52 6123085

email: powersthepot@eircom.net

MZ motor Cycle Club

Garrison Rally, Lough Melvin Holiday Centre

18th to 20th August 2017


We have been supporting this rally since the troubles. The warmth of the welcome from our old friends the MZ club and the staff of the hostel have made Garrison an experienced that must be sampled to be believed.

Booking is directly through the hostel. Rooms, Bunks Camping and camper vans accommodated

Ride Safely

Lough Melvin Holiday Centre, Main Street, Garrison, Co. Fermanagh.

E-mail: info@melvinholidaycentre.com

Tel: 028 6865 8142 Fax: 028 6865 9814


Jawa CZ Club Ireland

Parsons Green, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary

15th to 17th September 2017

Jawa Owners club.jpg A long running, world famous event which attracts people from all over the globe.

Booking is directly through the campsite. Mobilehomes available to book, tents and campers welcome

Ride Safely

Parsons Green Campsite, Clogheen, Co. Tipperary

E-mail: Kathleen_noonan@eircom.net

Tel: 052 746 5290


Rallies of Past

MZ motor Cycle Club

Ballacolla Rally - MZ Club Ireland

May 19th to 21st, 2017


Farren House, Ballacolla, Co Laois, Ireland

Phone: 057-873-4032 or +353868865828

email: info@farmhostel.com

8th to 10th July 2016

Red Star Rally

Anglia Motel, Fleet Hargate, PE12 8LT

On the A17, Near Spalding, Lincs. Camping or Rooms available

Saturday Evening Guest Speaker - Round the World Motorcyclist - Austin Vince

For further information: cossackownersclub@gmail.com

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Sersfields Ride is on for the weekend of 3/4/5 of June so bear that in mind and pass it on to anyone who might be interested.

Saturday, June 4 at 12 AM - 4:30 PM. King Johns Castle Limerick.

Sarsfields ride is a famous cavalry raid carried out by Patrick Sarsfield, commander of the Irish cavalry at Limerick during the siege’s of 1690/1691. Sarsfield took 500/600 cavalry on a circuitous route from Limerick north west into Clare then doubled back to cross the Shannon into Tipperary at killaloe then into the Slievefelim Mountains to descend on the siege train at Balleyneaty about 18 miles southeast of limerick, thus effecting its destruction, in the early hours of August 12th 1690.

The ride is well celebrated in Irish history and is about 65/70 miles long with a further 25 miles back to Ennis. The ride takes in a very remote off the beaten track challenging route less frequented by tourists and includes on optional off road forest road section for the more adventures.

The historical setting is interesting, the scenery is beautiful and the constantly changing quality of the roads makes this rideout a well worth experience. There is a hostel at Ennis close to the start of the route. Ennis has lots of pubs

Contact mattindublin@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

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Powers the Pot

5th-7th of August, 2016

Harneys Cross, Mountain Road, Clonmel, Tipperary, Republic of Ireland.

Phone: +353 52 6123085

email: powersthepot@eircom.net


Balaculla 2016 MZ Rally

Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th September, 2016