Pictures from Clogheen

Some more photos from the Clogheen Rally 2016

Dominik Korycar, Michaela.

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June was a busy month on the Royal Enfield calendar with several events organised. I went to two of them and had a great time with these nice people.

The first one was the Sarsfield Ride on Saturday June 4th. This was organised by Matt Reid. Matt above with his fabulous Sarsfield hat After meeting up at King John’s Castle in Limerick Matt lead the troops off along the original route that Patrick Sarsfield took back in 1690. This route took us along minor roads and laneways until we crossed the Shannon at Killaloe. After Killaloe John Nicholls, Bill Brugman and I had to break from the group to head for Adare to the Sprocket and Hubs Motorcycle Shop grand opening day.

Sprocket and Hubs is the new main dealer for the South of Ireland and this beautiful shop is in Adare village and well worth a visit.

The business is owned and run by Chris and Elaine Davidson. Chris and Elaine are a lovely couple who are full of passion for their business and we got a great welcome when we arrived. A BBQ was in full swing and tea, coffee and non alcoholic beer was dished out to the huge crowd that gathered. A lot of the new Royal Enfield’s were on display. Some of the eye catchers were a chrome and metallic green one, an army green one and the one that caught my eye was a tan and red one but I will come back to that later!!

After plenty of food a great non alcoholic beer it was time for me to head for home in the sunshine after a very pleasant day with nice people and good friends.

Next up on Saturday the 18th was a return trip to Sprocket and Hubs to test ride the new Enfield’s. Again Elaine and Chris excelled with the warm welcome we received and Elaine presented us with sausage rolls and cakes, tea and coffee on arrival. After an hour at the shop it was time to test ride the new Enfield. Both the green army model classic 550 and the beautiful looking Continental GT were available to us. Most took advantage and most were delighted. I have to say for me I was hooked and thoughts drifted back to that tan and red one back in the shop. So test rides over and more tea, coffee and biscuits (thanks to Elaine’s dad David) for organising it was time to head for Curraghchase.

The Curraghchase Camping weekend was organised by our good friend John Nicholls. Curraghchase Caravan and Camping Park is near both Foynes and Adare in Limerick. It is a beautiful site in the middle of the large Curraghchase Forest Park. It is well run and has recently been refurbished by the very hospitable and enthusiastic young owner Warren Higgins. The site recently featured in the RTE programme “At your Service which is presented by the Brennan brothers. It is a splendid venue and well worth a visit if you are anywhere near Limerick.

We really enjoyed it and got a warm welcome from Warren on arrival. Unfortunately we brought the rain with us. Chris and Elaine also joined us. Thankfully Chris brought a big canopy and we were able to assemble our tents one by one under this before moving them to our pitches. Tents all set up it was time for food, beer and wine! John turned his Enfield into a kitchen. Cheeseboard and large plate mounted on the carrier with John’s delicious homemade bread and selection of cheese and Salami, cans of cider, bottles of beer, bottles of wine, Taytos and chocolate snacks. Warren arrived with homemade scones butter and jams (thanks Warren). Everyone brought something and everyone one shared. This is what made it for all of us. After drinking and eating our fill while we had a great old chat (under the shelter of Chris’s canopy) with some great stories, especially from Bill, it was time for bed.

A heavy night’s rain and no let up in the morning meant an early start for me. Wet tent rolled up quickly and everything bungee tied in place, goodbyes said it was off to Dungarvan for me. A 2 hour journey in the rain made short as my mind drifted to thoughts of a new Enfield and how I could swing that one and the great time I had spent in perfect company. Thanks to all who made it.


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Snail Mick copy.jpgIt is hard to believe but the Snail (JAWA 250 Travel) is now 6 years old. Also while on the Rodney Memorial Run the clock turned past the 60,000 kilometres. What an iconic way to reach this small milestone, cruising along in a line of bikes, on gently winding roads surrounded by wonderful countryside. The yellow gorse shining out against the lush green with the Wicklow mountains as a wonderful backstage.

This is a good time to reflect on the last 6 years of this JAWA experience. Not as a conversation about petrol oil tyres chains brakes, they are consumables, if you use a machine you will use these parts. Let this be a reflection on returning to being a JAWA pilot, just for the fun of it, reliving good memories, replaying past experiences.

When collecting the JAWA 250 Travel back in 2010. It was new, shining and my rebirth back into JAWA motorcycling. The 1980s styling still has another 60 years to go to appear stylish, but the cycle parts were familiar and the feel of the bike reminded me of my old JAWA 634 (Theresa) which was loyal to me for over 20 years. The JAWA 250 Travel was named on her maiden voyage home. The young engine screaming to keep up with traffic on the M50 driving home. Yes the Silver Snail was born.

Rodney Rae 1.jpg Perfection is a goal rarely achieved but contentment is the most precious gift you can present to yourself. The Snail was not perfect. It is much too slow for motorway driving, the exhaust and silencers are bolted on, not fitted neatly hugging the engine shape to give the best ground clearance. Life is different without a fully enclosed chain. The poorly fitted exhaust and silencer left no room for a proper functioning side stand. The main stand is positioned to make the bike heavy to park. But the Snail has started on the button (old puns are the best) every day. The engine gets to working temperature quickly but has never overheated. She spends fuel like a Scotsman spends a £5 note (Mike will enjoy that comment). She boasts a generous range on a tank of fuel. Around the engine is spacious making it easy to service and to understand. Stops when she is told to. Now how many of us could say all that about the wife or kids.

I started biking in the 70’s. Back then she would have had to compete with RD 250’s or the later LC 250/350 and Honda Super dreams. By those standards she is the slowest, but more reliable and economical then the RD/LC and a lot less money then the Honda. But we are talking here about 2010 to 2016. So it is a different market. The Snail has been reliable but problems did occur. JAWA cables once again were an early issue. A clutch cable went. Once replaced I had no more problems. The bike is used mainly for short run city driving so cold engine starts and traffic work the clutch a lot. Next was the dust cover over the exhaust silencer weld (why is it welded?). This cover has the habit of breaking free and rattling up and down the pipe. I changed the exhaust which let the engine breath freely and stopped this nagging problem. The second was the normally rock steady speedo went bonkers. This was traced to a wiring connection under the tank between the speedo sensor and the clock. Once the lights failed, this was caused by the same connection block under the tank. Both of these once found were simple to fix with spade connectors. The rear shocks started to bottom out around 30000k. Being sealed I had to fit aftermarket ones.

I know over 6 years or 60000k I would have had some issues with a Keeway Honda or Kawasaki. But there would have been dealer and manufacture support for those models. So in today's market JAWA are not on track. JAWA are producing bikes almost as a hobby not a business and what they produce is suitable for specific people not the general public. i.e. people who are willing to do their own maintenance, find or get parts made as they need them.

For the future, well the Snail will ride again. Her tale is far from over. She is still clocking up the miles. JAWA as a manufacturer will remain on the side line, unless they are taken over or join forces with a company with a focus and a business plan. For now they are concentrating on the larger cc models, this will leave less margin for error. Bigger faster, more expensive machines will have to be dependable and bulletproof. I hope they can rise to the challenge.


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No, I’m not talking about Turkey the country. Nor about the large bird either – Meleagris gallopavo - which some of you might be aware I wouldn’t eat anyway. No, indeed. I’m talking about the Golden Turkey award I received at the MZRC Garrison rally in Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland in late May. It’s an award for the peculiar machines, the rat bikes, the odd stories, the hard-luck tales, and sometimes the failure to turn up at a rally without outside aid.

Well, at the Garrison rally this year I got the Golden Turkey award. And for why? Because of my nice new handlebars, that’s why. You’ll see them in one or two of the photos from Clogheen above. I’m the grey-bearded smiler, sitting on my Skorpion. The new ‘bars themselves were relatively high anyway, but I needed to support them with some very nice (and themselves similarly high) alloy risers from M&P in Wales.

So, what was the big deal? Well ... because they appear, as Mike Paterson said when he sat on the machine, “bizarre”. And I won’t deny it. But I will say this: the journeys to and from Bray to Clogheen and Garrison were close to idyllic this year. Obviously the dry weather was a huge plus-factor there, but the fact that I could get there and back without severe wrist pains afterwards was a sign that I’d got something right. Heaven knows it’s taken me long enough; nine years in all.

Pat Brennan

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A good-looking "Roper" steam motorcycle from 2015. From the looks of it, the original cycle parts on which it's based are a lot older than 2015.

Franta Sváta in Czechia

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Henry Edosa, Saddle Upholstery

Original Skorpion Saddle.jpg Remember I promised to pass on details of any firms I’d dealt with who’d done a good job for me? Well, here’s a gentleman who remodelled my Skorpion saddle recently. Very reasonable cost, very high quality. See the before-(on right)- after photos (below) if you don’t believe me.

I wanted the saddle height reduced somewhat because I tended to catch my foot on the raised pillion area when getting on or off. Short legs, and all that. On Ger’s strong recommendation I called Henry. He was on the M50 at the time, turned round, drove to Bray and collected the saddle the same day. I had it back within a week. In fact, Henry delivered it to my home even though I’d offered to catch a bus to Trim to collect it.

Cost of the job in my case was a very reasonable 80 euros. I held off reporting on it till I’d had a chance to give it a decent trial. I had that on the Garrison weekend, 27-29 May. Some 220 kms each way. Was the saddle comfortable? Absolutely. Was it easier to get on and off than with the original pillion segment? Sure! And I happen to think it looks a whole lot better than the original saddle too.

Henrys Remodelled Saddle.jpg

The photos should make all things clear.

Recommended? Most definitely. Henry is based in Trim, Co Meath, which has to be an appropriately-named town for an upholstery expert.

He’s available at mobile/cell phone number 086-233 9227.

Pat Brennan

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First Start up after rebuilding the engine on the Jawa r.t. 350 . The bike used to have the Aliminium 350 / 638 engine but i decided to buy this iron cylinder engine model 632 as it has alternater for 12 volt electrics as standard same as 638 but i think the iron cylinder engine is more retro looking so suited my requirments for this bike . Early Jawa 350 / 634 iron cylinder engines had a dynamo and 6 volt electrics . I rebuilt engine as a matter of course as it had stood for years , once these engines stand around for years the main bearings can rust up so i decided to replace all three main bearings.


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rod 004.JPG This event was well organised by John Burke and John Deegan.

The two above mentioned John's, Al the Maharaja, and Jonathan attended Donard Campsite on Friday 20th of May, most rode through wet conditions to remember our dear friend Rodney.

Saturday saw Declan, Nigel, Mick (Mr Jawa) Pete Redmond and I on Comet and Enfield 350 also Peter and Bill. A good ride was enjoyed to mark this wonderful fellow and meet Joan Rod's wife Fiona (Daughter) and Robin (Son). Leaving Donard and skirting the lovely Wicklow mountains we arrived in Newcastle Rod's home village to a lovely welcome by Joan, Fiona, Robin and the fine folks of the parish.

A wreath was laid and fitting word's aired boy John Burke at Rodney's grave, a few of us shared memories of this dear friend before the most wonderful spread in the church hall.

rod 005.JPG

After a few photo's including. Fiona on Rodney's Bike with Joan and Robin at each side and the attendees.

After this Peter and I set off back to Dublin the rest of the lads enjoyed another ride out before some went home and a few camped joined By Silver and Brendan who paid their respects at Donard and shared beautiful memories.

RIP dear Friend Rodney.

With respect, John B Nicholls 10710

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A lawyer married a woman who had previously divorced ten husbands. On their wedding night, she told her new husband, "Please be gentle, I'm still a virgin."

"What?" said the puzzled groom. "How can that be if you've been married ten times?"

"Well, Husband 1 was a sales representative: he kept telling me how great it was going to be. Husband 2 was in software services: he was never really sure how it was supposed to function, but he said he'd look into it and get back to me. Husband 3 was from field services: he said everything checked out diagnostically but he just couldn't get the system up. Husband 4 was in telemarketing: even though he knew he had the order, he didn't know when he would be able to deliver. Husband 5 was an engineer: he understood the basic process but wanted three years to research, implement, and design a new state-of-the-art method. Husband 6 was from finance and administration: he thought he knew how, but he wasn't sure whether it was his job or not. Husband 7 was in marketing: although he had a nice product, he was never sure how to position it. Husband 8 was a psychologist: all he ever did was talk about it. Husband 9 was a gynecologist: all he did was look at it. Husband 10 was a stamp collector: all he ever did was... God! I miss him! But now that I've married you, I'm really excited!"

"Good," said the new husband, "but, why?"

"You're a lawyer. This time I know I'm gonna get screwed!"


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Go on ye good thing.


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While I’m at it ... many, many cheers for the Lough Melvin Holiday Centre ( at Garrison. It’s a wonderful place. It’s easily the best of our venues on this island. Accommodation plus a restaurant on site, pubs and a bottle shop within a few moments’ walk. And we always get such a warm welcome from Dawn, Caroline, Shona, all the staff and some of the local people as well. It’s a bit like meeting a bunch of relatives who like you but who don’t know all the back stories on you, nor wouldn’t care about them if they did. A wonderful place.

Apart from getting my Golden Turkey award on Saturday evening (“Oh, the shame of it all!”), I have to say I didn’t circulate hugely there. Instead of sitting in the Riverside Bar where the musicians had congregated, some of us – Dave Howard, Robert Erskine, Milan, Martina & Martin Viglaš, Frank Swords (sometimes) and I – sat in the Centre, some drinking wine and others whiskey, and occasionally singing Czech songs while always talking something shockin’ profound. It was very enjoyable. Delighted to see John Kitney’s 1949 Douglas 350cc there, a marvellous job. First Douglas I’d seen in twenty years. Not to mention the two new EFI Royal Enfields, but that’s just me being selfish or perhaps even envious.

For any real veterans of Garrison (since 1988), I should mention I bumped into Michael of Michael & Josie fame on the Sunday morning. We had a good chat. Older attendees will remember that M & J used to run a legendary chippie many years ago from a back room of their house, about 1.5km/1 mile out to hell-‘n’- gone on the road towards Belcoo. The shop was hardly bigger than a shower-plus- toilet, the customers jammed sardine-fashion. Ah, for the days when Richard and Mick used to sing one tune in there while I’d mangle a completely different tune on a harmonica Michael had forced upon me. And I couldn’t play then, still can’t now. Happy days!

As ever, a huge thanks to John and Lorraine Shaw for organising this first-rate event. And to Dawn and the staff for taking such good care of us.

Pat Brennan

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There was a song entitled “Time in a Bottle”. But this summer time is not bottled it is just zooming by.

With the multitude of opportunities it is impossible to make all events. I feel I have missed out by not going to the National UK rally. But family commitments and money rule all men.

Garrison was as always a wonderful celebration, with Music biking and crack in what ever order you wish. If any of you have not attended one or other of the weekends away I do hope that at some date you are fortunate enough to sample the experience. We are not a bad bunch.

If you wish to advertise an event you are involved in do send in the details.



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A jawa family.jpg

A JAWA Family. Over the 6 years we have had a variety of shirts. Only available in small quantities. So it is fantastic to see a selection of them on show.

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Smiggy Amber Ale

smiggy amber ale.jpg
beer drinking biker
Price 4 bottles for 10 euro in O’Briens

Alc 4.8%

The Craft Beer revolution in Ireland has not only fueled these articles for the JAWA Motorcyclist but has blessed us with an abundance of opportunities to sample excellent variety at a very high quality. Smiggy Amber Ale has continued that tradition. In short I was delighted to discover this offering and very pleased with the result.

Like most Irish craft beers it has carbonation, giving a good head which held to the end of the glass. I liked it chilled and it does have enough nose and flavour to take the cold. Malt flavours and a medium amber body. I have heard it is available on draught in Belfast. It will be worth keeping an eye out for draught down south. But in the meantime I would recommend the bottle of Amber Ale to ale drinkers. I look forward to trying the larger and stout offerings from Jack Cody’s Brewery.


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Issue 55 was a great read as always! I ALMOST got that bike down in West Cork!! The deal was done, but it was going to be three weeks before I'd be home to get down for it and he needed to sell it quicker than that. Pity - my midlife crisis continues! Keep your eyes open for a JAWA - any JAWA to help an old man relive his youth!! Maybe I'll steal a URAL outfit here.!

Best wishes

Pat Fanning

Mick, Pat & Ger thanks for promoting this run. We first met Rodney at dunard around 2003/4 on an enfield club run, so it's fitting that we're gathering there or his memorial.


Excellent :-) Thanks everyone, made my day

Cheers Steve

Hi just picked up your site via facebook and decided to join if that's ok.Looks like I missed your rally but will add it for next year,I've attached some pics of my bikes.

kevin wrigh.jpgThanks Kevin Wrigh

CAM00267.jpg CAM00241.jpg

Hello, I'm Erwin Derksen from the Netherlands and like to be a member of your Jawa/CZ club. Maybe we met eachother in 2014 in England at the 25th Anniversary ot the Jawa/CZ club UK.

Here's some pictures of a few of my bikes, I hope you like them.

With best Jawa/CZ-regards,


It's official: the new "short" name in English for what is still officially The Czech Republic is to be "Czechia".Pat

See you in Garrison, Mick. Sean

Don Kueny.jpg I’m doing my part. Regards, Don Kueny

Many thanks for your reply. The CZ 175 project is something my Dad started some 10 years ago but never got round to finish. Am a biker myself and up to recently had 3 x BMWs - these now number 2 which makes room for the Jawa. Any help you or your members can give would be much appreciated.


Robert Kearney

Hi all, Thanks so much for the motorcycle memorial run on behalf of my late father Rodney Rae. It was good of you all to attend this well organised event. It was also delightful to meet you all. My late dad would have been proud of us all getting together and mingling and telling swapping stories. Good memories. He will be sadly missed by everyone. RIP Rodney.

Please send your photos to this address


so I can show the remaining family members. Thanks so much. Hope to see you all again real soon.

Best Wishes Fiona Rae

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