Carlow Classic Motorcycle Show 2015

The Leinster Classic Motorcycle Show takes place on Easter Sunday in St Mary’s Academy School just beside the railway station in Carlow. It is something of a season opener and a chance to come out of hibernation for those of us, who do not use our motorcycles to any extent over the winter period.

The Jawa 350 had been resting, awaiting engagements, in the garage for many months, where it had provided a comfortable perch for our family cat during the Winter. That cat can spend so many hours in the saddle without tiring, if only the motorcycle’s owner could do the same! I had drained the tank and carburettor before resting up the bike and on Easter Saturday with fresh fuel and three kicks later she started up immediately. A spin around the block confirmed nothing amiss.

Easter Day dawned and the Jawa was fired up and away we went for Carlow. The route taken to Carlow was of course Jawa friendly – down the N81 through Blessington, turning onto the R726 at Rathvilly. Perfect roads for 50/55mph cruising, speeds at which the Jawa excels. Met Eireann had forecast sunshine and decent temperatures for the day but they failed to show up. Grey and overcast conditions prevailed but it was almost flat calm with very little breeze. The trees and hedgerows along the route had as yet failed to show any sign of Spring. The only harbingers of hope were clumps of daffodils around farmyards and the lambs visible in the fields.

The Carlow show is a big one with some 100 classic and vintage bikes on show. It attracts a large crowd and the roads and footpaths around the school are lined with motorcycles – some of which are as interesting as those on show inside the school hall. The auto jumble, laid out in the school yard, is also of significant size. I have to admit that these jumbles always look to me as if someone has dropped a bucket into some landfill and filled the plastic fish crates with the contents. No doubt there is gold there for those who know how to pan for it. If visiting the show in the future, do take a look at the railway station, which stands sentinel over the show - it is beauty. Dating from 1846 and built in the Jacobean revival style, it features a yellow brick façade with granite trim and four tall chimneys.

The ride home was even more enjoyable as I emerged into sunshine between Rathvilly and Blessington. It was a bonus after the grey day. It also turned out to be a poignant trip, as little did I know, at the time, that it would be my last spin on the 350. In the interim, I succumbed to the temptation of the Jawa 250 Californian. This is the model assembled by Mates Moto Servis in the Czech Republic. It is extremely rare and in all only about 12 of these machines were made. Some of the new old stock parts on the machine still bear the stamp – “Made in Czechoslovakia”. There is a story here but for another day.

Pat (Noddy G)

Best of luck with the new Toy Pat, may you enjoy many happy spin on her

Living without a dealer in Ireland it is easy to forget that JAWA are still selling bikes in Europe. The fact that they have reduced their range of bikes and are following the MZ trend of bigger machines does not mean that they have disappeared. I was recently contacted by Stanislav Hrnčíř. He is attempting to contact 650 and 660cc owners. Many have already banded together to form a club. As the photos from one of their recent camps shows they are numerous and active. Well done the boys.

Click Here to see and find out more.

If you would like to contact them emailStanislav Hrnčíř.


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As the 27th Garrison Rally drew closer, planning my escape from the shackles of responsibility gathered momentum. Evacuating the pretence of adulthood is even more treasured as you get older. The ideal would be to take a half day Friday to head up. That would give me 2 nights. Friday night can often be the biggest, as on Saturday people are pacing for the return journey. However there was less shuffling of the deck needed if I left departure till Saturday morning. Gerry and Brian could not join me, so I had only myself to organise. Friday night was spent leisurly packing the Snail (Jawa 250 Travel). As I was only staying one night I needed little luggage, i would stay in the hostel. The top box could go, which improves handling. A change of clothes and wash gear in the tank bag, the mandolin strapped to the top of the rear crash bar. A full tank and early to bed. Getting ready adds to the excitement. An early start on Saturday, the plan to go direct, using the main road, taking advantage of the improved road network to maximise my time. Yes good intentions, but the M50 was enough to use up my quota of motorway patience, the Boyne Valley scenic route signs proved to inviting. The Snail and I were off, once again winding our way cross country, attempting going northward. Well it is a biking weekend. I will not admit how long the journey took, but less then a tankful of fuel successfully washed my cares away. The dry weather held up its end and a tired but happy Jawa motorcyclist piloted the last few twists of the road to the well attended MZRC rally.

The great thing about meeting up with old buddies is you start where you left off. Tyre kicking and banter go hand in hand. Some love to see the bikes. Others love the raffle and prizes. All enjoy the spin, the bit of food, drink and company. As is often the case the assorted musicians were of such a high calibre that i could have left the mandolin at home. The night flew. I love the sing song, the more who participated the better. It also means you don't overindulge.

Over breakfast the next morning Pete the Penniless and I decided to travel the road home together. Pete was on his Vincent 500. He has the old girl humming as he is planning a trip to Europe this summer. It is not everyone that you can travel comfortably with. Riding styles and bike capabilities are key factors. Pete and the Snail have burned rubber on the same stretch of tarmac in the past. He had planned a very interesting route, so a hasty pack and quick farewells saw the Snail stretching the shadow of Pete’s Vincent as it thumped into life waking half of Co Fermanagh. I will not even try and roll out the list of towns that we avoided. I am positive that Pete was lost at least 50 percent of the time. If we came upon a sign for a town he seemed to turn left or right, onto side roads. The Snail had difficulty keeping pace on the twisty winding bits. Some of the turns were sharp enough that the Vincent was driving at me even though it was in front. But we kept inside our comfort zone, fast but not racing. The challenge of the road cleared the mind and broadened the smile on my face. Speed is relative not fast on these roads, you hardly ever get to travel quickly but you are driving at all times. At a coss road we decided to stop for coffee in Athboy. We used a petrol station even though the bikes have a longer range than their pilots. Another bike pulled into the garage, who should it be but Tomáš, we last met in Lisdoonvarna at Big Jim’s MZ rally. He was in fine form and asked to send his regards.

Back on our journey, all to soon It was time to split up as our routes drew near. Pete and the Vincent had held a good pace and another wonderful spin came to completion. Thanks Peter for acting as lead scout. I look forward to next time. Thanks also to John, Lorraine and crew for providing the venue. Once again Lough Melvin proved itself as a great event.


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For Pete, and his Vincent.


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Here's a message and a link from Steve Adams over in Bury St Edmunds. The "Steef" reference is to the way Franta Sváta over in Czecho' pronounces Steve's name. Franta knows Steve well, for many years now.

The diesel-motorcycle honcho in England is Stuart Scarry, the guy who's responsible for the rally and the photos. I've been in touch with Stuart off and on over the last ten years or so. His ancestors were from Galway or Clare. Small world.


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mz_logo.jpg W e’ve booked accommodation once again in Farran Farm Hostel in Ballacolla, Co Laois. Rooms are available in the hostel, and camping space (plus a shower facility) in the field behind.

Many of you will know this hostel already. If you don’t know it, rest assured it’s a marvellous place.Please book direct with the hostel if attending; contact by e-mail on the website above, or phone Marty or Wendy Phelan at (00-353)-57-873 4032.

As distinct from previous years, you’re stuck with me as so-called “organiser”. I don’t pretend to have the social or organisational skills of Jim or Catherine Walsh, so I’ll be looking for some kind volunteer to arrange a run-out if one should be called for – I’m utterly useless at that sort of thing. But we hope to organise a bus service to get us to and from the local pub on the Friday and Saturday nights.

It’s a self-catering weekend, so you’d need to bring your own food. Nearest shopping area is Abbeyleix, 10km/6 mls distance.

There’s no rally fee. Pay accommodation costs directly to Marty or Wendy. Ballacolla is some 100km/60 mls from Dublin, and about the same distance from Rosslare. The local landscapes are more restful than spectacular, but that’s what you generally get in any country’s midlands.

Prices are: €20 per person per night for room accommodation, €5 a time for a continental breakfast, and €8 a night per person for camping.

Hope to see you there!


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Now that the weather has warmed up some don’t waste the summer.

13th International Jawa CZ Yezdi Day: 12th July 2015Jawa Day. In groups, or by yourself, your JAWA motorcycles being used, having fun! There are no special rules, except to ride a JAWA or CZ, if you have more than one, ride as many as you can. Whenever you ride remember all the other JAWA/CZ/Yezdi owners all over the world who are riding with you. Join the virtual worldwide rally and tell us about it. Take pictures, of your trip.

I intend leaving the car park at the Spawell Sports Complex, Templeogue, at 10 Sunday mornings the 12th of July. No destination yet just getting the JAWA out there. If you want to join me feel free to do so.

Royal Enfield Camping Weekend 2015

August 21st-23rd, Venue Powers the Pot, Caravan and camping park, Harneys Cross, Clonmel, Co Tipperary. Tell 052 23085.


This is always a good weekend. The Enfield lot are great. It is a camping weekend but food is available in the evening. It’s one of the best parts of the event. Everyone sits at the long table, food, conversation, biking stories. Another world.

Click for a list of Events

email if you want to add anything


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From Clogheen April 2015

T he latest JAWA shirt on display in Clogheen.

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Black IPA from Blacks of Kinsale.

Black IPA.jpgOn the trip home from work, the bike ran onto reserve. Considering the options for best price fuel plus upcoming beer review, the KCR garage once again got my loyalty. A garage that is also a landmark, it has a good shop with a fair selection of beer. Not always the best value on the beer but the petrol is always in the ballpark.

Black IPA from Kinsale caught the eye this time. Kinsale town was an old haunt for the trusty JAWA 634. Yes some very good memories of that town. So the purchase was made.

Price: 3 bottles for 10 Euro

Alc: 5%

Hops is just wonderful stuff, when you are only having a drink or 2 it rewards the pallet with flavor. And hops is exactly what this very black IPA has.

I enjoyed it chilled, it has enough flavor to cope with being cold. The head poured slightly high but settled down considerably. For a sipping beer the head could have lasted better. Or maybe I was just drinking to slow, but a swirl of the glass kept everything ascetic.

In researching the brewery it turns out that a bit of romance is involved. A girl presented her man with a beer kit for Valentines Day. He naturally felt very passionate and took to brewing. They married and set up a brewery in Kinsale in 2013. Crowdfund funded it all, people give money and received reward packs. These loyal supporters are remembered on a wall of fame in the Brewery.

A nice story and a lovely Beer. A trip to Kinsale is even more tempting now. Pints in the Spaniard, gooseberries crumble in Patsy’s corner (if it is still there). Or just sit relax, sip the Black IPA from Kinsale and imagine I am there.


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As it’s human nature to moan and complain – rightly so – about bad service from suppliers, it seems only fair to make a positive mention of companies who (literally) deliver the goods. So here’s my short list below.

Just to explain: I’ve been dealing with all these online suppliers for parts or tools for either my MZ Skorpion or the MZ ES 250/2 which I’m slowly rebuilding for a friend. So, before anyone asks me what relevance this has got for JAWAs or ČZs, let me say that most of these companies sell parts for Czech machines too.


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Hi, I just wanted to thank you (even profusely!) for the latest issue. Just to mention only a few things, I am very happy that you ran the story about Pat Fanning (or, as he may prefer, Pádraig Ó Fainín) He is definitely a very fine and remarkable man. I won't go through what you have already put in the article, but he definitely deserves a lot of recognition for what he has done for these many years.

Also, I was pleased and delighted with the video of the Australian girl playing the Prelude from Bach's Partita #3. It's a lovely piece, but I have heard it played only on the violin. I had certainly never heard it played on a mandolin, and that is a real accomplishment, as it's not an easy piece to play on any instrument.

As for the short piece on my experiences driving in Italy, I can assure you that everything I said is true -- and I could have added a lot more, but I didn't want to bore people too much.

And, of course, my congratulations on having The Snail pass her 50,000 km mark. Well done, Snail! see what a bit of maintenance will do?

So, all in all, an outstanding and enjoyable issue -- even taking into account the bearded fellow with the cap, the glasses and the vest with all the patches on it who is standing on the left with his hands in his pockets in the first frame of the Clogheen Movie. I think that he should buy me a beer at the Porterhouse in Bray. Just because, that's all.

Have a great summer, everyone!

David Wallace (in New Jersey)

Hello My name is Josip and I am contacting You from Croatia (Hrvatska). I have a CZ 175, type 477, build 1974. I am restaurating the motorcycle but my gas tank is in very poor condition and I am searching for new tank. I was wondering if You maybe could help me, where to find a better tank. Maybe if some of Your members have spare parts and is willing to sell it, I would buy it if it's in a good condition (mine is rusty from inside and stopping the gass flow).

Contact: email

Thanks in advanceJosip Vuglenović

Hi, I would like to your club. I’m the collector, right now I have Jawa 175, Jawa babetta and Jawa 50 type 20 .

From Members bikes
From Members bikes
From Members bikes

Piotr Kruczkowski

Dear Sir Madam, Membership for Jawa Cz Club. Thank you, David Sheridan

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