Jawa sticker 2015.jpg JAWA CZ RALLY 2015


courtesy of Martin, Michaela and Róisín

7th Annual Jawa CZ Camping Weekend Clogheen, Co. Tipperary

April 24th, 25th and 26th 2015

We were back in Clogheen this year after an absence of 3 years for the 7th Annual Jawa CZ Camping Weekend. Clogheen is a small village at the base of the Knockmealdown Mountains in Co. Tipperary. The site is called Parsons Green. A really nice site with lots of little attractions. Most people had booked mobile homes and with the cost shared between the occupants these proved to be great value for money. This year the weather was fairly good. Most people that arrived on Friday made it to Clogheen nice and dry. After settling in and having a bite to eat we decided to go for a few pints, a chat and a sing song to Nedeen’s Pub in the village. Mick and Jerry provided the music once more.

On Saturday we woke up to bright sunshine with high hopes for a nice dry run out at 11.30. As breakfast was cooked and more people started to arrive, the cloud set in and rain was on the way. We decided to postpone the run out until the rain cleared. We had rally t-shirts for sale for €10 each and Jawa CZ Club mugs at €5 each and all were snapped up in record time. Mick dished out his own beautifully designed rally badges. And plenty were made for everyone.

At 12.45 it had stopped raining and even though a dark cloud hung over the mountain we decided to head off. As we drove up over the beautiful Vee the cloud was starting to lift and we headed for Cappoquin. From there we travelled on to Dromana Gate Lodge.

Dromana_Gate.jpgDromana Gate Lodge, a Hindu Gothic structure is situated at the end of a bridge spanning the River Finnisk just before it runs in to the Blackwater, about two miles from Villierstown. This beautiful building was built in 1851 after being previously designed by Martin Day in 1849. It’s said that Day got his inspiration from the Brighton Pavilion, England, built for the Prince Regent and designed by John Nash.  The gate lodge was erected as a wedding gift for two newly-weds by Henry Villiers-Stuart. The happy couple had spent their honey-moon in Brighton, and when writing to Villiers-Stuart commented on the magnificent buildings which stood there. The design is a bizarre combination of styles, from flamboyant gothic with arched windows, to Brighton pavilion oriental, complete with onion dome and minarets. A truly a remarkable and unique work of art.

We moved on from here and drove through the village of Villierstown. Villierstown was founded by the Villiers-Stuart family, from where the name is derived. In the 1740s John Villiers, established the village to develop a linen industry. The village was initially populated with linen-weavers, some of whom were from the town of Lurgan. During the famine (1845-49) the linen industry in Villierstown died out. Some local people turned to fishing on the Blackwater as a source of employment. The majority of villagers were given work by the Villiers-Stuarts on the estate at Dromana which itself encompassed Villierstown and beyond.

lismore castle.jpgFrom Vilierstown we travelled on to Aglish and on to Lismore the home of Lismore Castle for a fuel stop for body and bike.Lismore Hotel again fed us well. A fair few had main courses off the extensive menu while some of us settled on the best Seafood Chowder in the area. Once fed and watered we headed back from Lismore back over the Vee to Clogheen.

We had the usual prize giving ceremony on our return with 3 really nice trophies for best Jawa/ CZ which was won by Pavel, Best Other Make won by Kerry and Furthest Travelled which was won by John Nicholls. Various other prizes were donated by John Nicholls and raffled off, thanks John. Mick produced some of his fantastic comedy prints and again these were passed out. Thanks once more Mick. A special prize was awarded by the club to the star of many a rally Eugene Carton. Eugene did not travel this time as he was not so well at the time but thankfully he is on the mend now and is off in sunnier climates for a holiday with his wife May. Eugene your prize is on the way to Killarney by Jawa currier when you return!

Saturday night we again visited Nedeen’s bar for a final blast before everyone packed up on Sunday in bright sunshine for the return journey home. It was a great weekend. We had a great turnout and we would like to thank everyone who travelled from all over the country to meet up. We also had our first ever Junior Member present, beautiful baby Róisín daughter of Martin and Míse. Membership card is on the way!

Here’s hoping we can do it all again in 2016! Ger

Snail Heather.jpg This month the clock on the Snail (JAWA 250 travel) turned 50,000km. Unlike some airlines there was no fanfare. The journey was an 8km round trip to collect Cathal from after school study. This is fitting as the bike is used year around for commuting. The Snail started its working life in 2005. Most of her journeys have been short. It is only 18km to work. Dublin is a small city, two wheels reduces every journey to distance and traffic lights. Other road users may suffer delays because of traffic volume but on a bike journey times vary very little. The little air cooled 250 warms up quickly, holds onto its running temperature surprisingly well. Does not overheat. In the 5 years the bike has always started and performed as expected.

Failures over the 5 years were a clutch cable while running in, and the rear suspension, which always soft started to bottom out around 30,000km. The bike did let me down once on the road, lights failure. This was due to a poor connector under the tank.

The Snail has undertaken some longer runs. Rally’s in England, weekends around Ireland. She is not fast, she does vibrate, the handling is so so. The bike is economical, tank range is very good. Servicing is every 3000km, she is simple to work on. My Son can now set the tappets.

When I first tried the bike in 2005 I was not overly impressed. I felt it would manage the hardships I would present it with. I had expected that JAWA would undertake a model improvement and I would trade after a few years. There was lots of scope for improvement, suspension, tubeless tyres, controls and leavers, fully enclosed chain case, working side stand. So you see I am not saying the JAWA 250 travel is the best bike in the world. But I have enjoyed my JAWA rebirth. It has been an enriching experience getting back on a JAWA, recapturing some of the freedom and friendships from bygone days. At 50,000km the Snail is far from done. The constant year round use is loved by the engine, yet still the finish has held up well. It is not a showroom bike, but it still attracts favourable comments and attention. 50,000km is a number, love or hate them numbers, surround us. Growing up 21 was an iconic age to reach. My daughter (who has know everything since she was 3) informed me that 18 is now the age when children become mature independent, in all but finance, unproductive members of society. The Snail God Bless her will start tomorrow unaware that she has passed this checkered flag and continue to do what she has done since 2005. Make me a JAWA Motorcyclist.


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Pat Fanning.jpg Selfless Irish Mirror/Lidl Pride of Ireland nominee, former principal Pat Fanning understands good education means more than learning sums. For 37 years the married dad of five worked at St Joseph’s primary school in Dublin’s Fairview, where he was responsible for setting up the first Asperger’s class in Ireland.

Asperger’s Syndrome is a complex brain disorder and is seen as a condition on the upper end of the autistic spectrum. Generally, those affected by it have an IQ within the normal range but may have extremely poor social and communication skills. In Ireland it is estimated that several thousand people are affected. Lack of services is a concern and bullying can be a massive problem.

It’s a struggle for parents as many schools do not have the staff or resources to deal with the special needs of our most vulnerable children.

Was setting up a special needs unit in St Joey’s always on the agenda for Pat?

Reply “Very funnily a parent tapped me on the back of my shoulder at a hurling match in 1999, and said would you consider having a class for Asperger’s and I said, I would if I knew what it was! We converted an old cloakroom and toilet into a classroom and from there it went from strength to strength. That was about January 1999 and the class opened in 2000 which was a phenomenal achievement to move that quickly. When I left Joey’s there were four Asperger’s classes, with 24 students and another dozen scattered through the school, so that made a huge difference to the school. These kids opened our eyes, the esprit de corps was amazing. It was groundbreaking, I suppose, taking on something new and bold, and we saw there was obviously a crying need, there are now about 60 schools around the country who cater for special needs.

Not one for sitting on his laurels, about ten years ago Pat, 57, opened a centre, (Sables) in Kabwe, Zambia for street kids.

Reply The Christian Brothers sent us a letter inviting us to go see what they were doing in Zambia, I was bowled over by what I saw, wonderful happy people yet they had absolutely nothing. Young boys were living in sewer pipes and down alleyways, we just wanted to get them out of there. Helen O’Brien has been teaching in Joey’s for 12 years and Donna Keegan, Pat’s partner in Zamda (his Zambia registered charity) nominated Pat for Pride of Ireland, Teacher of the Year, saying:

To the students of Joey’s in Fairview and Sables in Zambia, Pat is quite simply a hero. No matter where a child is from, or what they can or can’t do, Pat inspires them to strive to be the best that they can be.

He is unselfish, dedicated, caring, generous and encouraging. From his charity work in Africa to setting up the special needs unit in the school he always put the kids first, he’s our unsung hero and he never stops.”

Speaking about what made the pupils of Joey’s so unique, Pat said: To me they’re the salt of the earth, they can be bold at times but also brilliant, if I didn’t gel or bond with them I wouldn’t have stayed there for 37 years.

An avid GAA enthusiast Pat also instilled a love of sport in many of the kids in Joey’s, setting up practice before, during and after school: To get kids involved in any sport is crucial, it’s not about winning. If you give kids sport you have a good chance of putting them on the right road. But not every child is into field sports so we introduced volleyball and soccer.

Pat always encouraged the kids to develop interests other than academia. He brought in a chess team, arts and crafts, not to mention a cookery class which led to the publication of The Great Joey’s Cookbook.

Involving the community has always been important to Pat and so every Christmas the boys cooked up a storm for the old age pensioners in the area.

Since leaving Joey’s it’s been non-stop for the Waterford man. He said: We just finished building a new school in Kabwe, three buildings on a new site, an orphanage, a hospice, we’ve 106 kids now, and I’m going out there for a year this summer. With no Government funding Pat says: We fundraise, and bring groups over, whether it’s peeling spuds or painting the walls, digging trenches or teaching, there’s a job for everyone.

What inspired him to become a teacher?

Pat said: “When I was in fourth class in school I had a teacher who wasn’t particularly nice and a couple of the kids in the class were badly treated. These days they’d be recognised as special needs but back then there wasn’t a name for it and I remember saying to myself at the age of 10, when I grow up I am going to be a teacher and everyone is going to like going to school.

His motto? Pat said: “When you get tired you can keel over and die.

“I was blessed that I had so many people willing to buy into my way of thinking and my ideas, teachers willing to give up their time and give a hand and their energy and skills and expertise.

If you want something done, ask a busy person.

To read about Pats JAWA days just click on Issue 6, the article is called The JAWA CLUB - The Early Days!

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What talent, to look this pretty and play so well.


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I returned from a trip to Germany and Italy. I drove from Heidelberg to Milan, then to Brescia, and then back to Milan before heading north again. Are you thinking about going to Italy? If so, are you planning to drive there? Then you need to read these Rules and Instructions for Driving in Italy.

These are only a few of the rules you need to know if you are driving in or around Milan. However, I have been told that drivers in Genoa are MUCH worse; be so advised.


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An Aussie lady walked into a Police Station and the desk Sergeant said "Can I help you?"

"Yes" she said, "I'd like to report a case of sexual assault".

"Where did it happen?" the Sergeant asked.

"In the park just down the road" she replied.

"Can you describe what happened?"

"Yes, I was walking along the footpath in the park near the trees when a man jumped out of the bushes and dragged me in there, removed my underwear then he dropped his pants to his knees and had his way with me".

"Could you give me a description of him?"

"Yes, he was wearing white shoes, long white trousers, a white shirt and he had these two big long pads from his feet up to and over his knees, one on each leg".

"Sounds to me like he was a cricketer, most probably a batsman", said the Sergeant.

"Yes", said the lady, "He was an English Cricketer".

"That's very observant", said the Sergeant, "You worked that out from his accent

"No", she replied. "I worked it out because he wasn't in for very long".


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I was very impressed by the sheer energy of the Latvia JAWA Motorcyclists who attended the UK 60th JAWA National Rally

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A couple were watching a programme discussing the mixed emotions that are a part of every relationship. The husband turned to his wife and said what a load of crap I bet you can't tell me something that will make me happy and sad at the same time.

His wife turned to him and said, "Out of all your friends you have the biggest dick."


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mz_logo.jpg W e’ve booked accommodation once again in Farran Farm Hostel in Ballacolla, Co Laois. http://www.farmhostel.com/ Rooms are available in the hostel, and camping space (plus a shower facility) in the field behind.

Many of you will know this hostel already. If you don’t know it, rest assured it’s a marvellous place.Please book direct with the hostel if attending; contact by e-mail on the website above, or phone Marty or Wendy Phelan at (00-353)-57-873 4032.

As distinct from previous years, you’re stuck with me as so-called “organiser”. I don’t pretend to have the social or organisational skills of Jim or Catherine Walsh, so I’ll be looking for some kind volunteer to arrange a run-out if one should be called for – I’m utterly useless at that sort of thing. But we hope to organise a bus service to get us to and from the local pub on the Friday and Saturday nights.

It’s a self-catering weekend, so you’d need to bring your own food. Nearest shopping area is Abbeyleix, 10km/6 mls distance.

There’s no rally fee. Pay accommodation costs directly to Marty or Wendy. Ballacolla is some 100km/60 mls from Dublin, and about the same distance from Rosslare. The local landscapes are more restful than spectacular, but that’s what you generally get in any country’s midlands.

Prices are: €20 per person per night for room accommodation, €5 a time for a continental breakfast, and €8 a night per person for camping.

Hope to see you there!


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The JAWA Rally in Clogheen has kicked off our season. Garrison is the next biggie for me. The MZ Riders have been holding a rally in Garrison for 27 years, which is as good a reason to go back there as any.

Do let me know of any events you would like advertised on the site. Also we would love to hear about your rally experiences, if you are willing to share them.

Royal Enfield Camping Weekend 2015

August 21st-23rd, Venue Powers the Pot, Caravan and camping park, Harneys Cross, Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Tell 052 23085. imfo@powersthepot.net www.powersthepot.com

Keep an eye on our events page or you may miss out.


email jawabikes@gmail.com


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mick shirt.jpg

T his years rally shirt was a superb high quality piece of kit, that could even make me look good. Some say the shirt is so blue, it took the colour from the sky. It did brighten up the town of Clogheen, and makes a wonderful reminder of a fantastic weekend.

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Carrig Brewing Co.

Carrig Pilsner

Alc 4.8%

Price 3 bottles for 9 euro in Malloys

carrig pilsiner.jpgThis month you caught me with my pants down. Normally the report is pre planned, usually on the commute home. But with one thing and another I just found myself at the computer unprepared. But you will not be short changed. Be ready to discover a fine treasure.

I am not a huge fan of lager or Pilsner but I was pleasantly delighted when I discovered this Leitrim delight. I will admit it was the stunning artwork of the label that first attracted me. But such shallow taste was rewarded by a dry subtle flavour and sufficient body to make you regret emptying the glass and ending a rewarding experience.

The Brewery description In keeping with the classic Czech beer they use “Saaz” hops and soft Leitrim water to create a crisp thirst quenching Pilsner.

Casual comments It pours a pale golden colour with a small white head. Aroma is sweet and grainy with notes of grass, hay and earth. Taste is light with notes of grains and earth. Light in body with soft carbonation. Overall, decent pilsner.

So go on treat yourself, you could be a long time waiting for someone else to.


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Great issue again and a very good start to 2015. Great picture of the 3 lads wearing the 3 different JAWA Rally tops!


Thanks love the pilot tale. PETE

Happy New Year Mick & the team, all the best for you guys. Antonio

Hey!! Nice to see you back again! Cheers Bill Hallett

Hi, Thanks a lot, we wish you also very happy and prosperous New Year! Best regards Jirina Zárubová

Hi, after what proved to be a tough assignment. I am back and getting my act together, which involves moving house, still in Co. Galway. C u soon, Duke. Happy Jawa-ing for 2015

Would it be possible for us to join your club? Clive & Ann Fletcher, Kent. We have a 1980 JAWA 350 twin & a 1991 350 twin, both up and running.

Hi, I as wondering if you may be able to help me with a small technical problem I'm facing with my recently purchased 1978 CZ 125. Basically I'm emailing you because a few months ago I bought the bike and it was shipped to me in pieces. Having had the weather against me (I have to work outside in the garden) I've only just now got round to building the bike and I've hit a problem with fitting the front wheel.

I just cannot get the axle to go through enough for the nut and spring washer to have any thread to connect to. I was wondering if there was any trick to this or if there's some tool required to bring the forks closer together? I did see in YouTube videos for other bikes that a tap with a mallet is suggested but this also did nothing to help (and I was worried about damaging the bike).

This is the first bike that I've ever worked on so this is why I may be missing something blindingly obvious but I thought I'd better ask someone in the know, while searching for a JAWA/CZ forum to ask this question on I came across the Irish JAWA owners club and your email address.

Thanks, Daniel.

Hi I recently purchased a 1960 JAWA 175 that I found in a second hand store with the hope to restore it to its former glory. This will be my first project of the sort and really want it to come up perfect and am hoping to get it done in 12 months. I was wondering as I know very little on bikes if it was possible if you had a copy of a parts manual and owners handbook that I could use to assist in the restoration. I would like to see how the electrics and engine work in order to restore it to functional and get this machine back on the road.

Look forward to hearing from you. Philip La Trobe New Zealand

Contact: email

I would like to join your JAWA / CZ club if that is ok. I am based in Newry, Co.Down. Paula Mcverry

Hi my name is David and would like to join your club. I own a CZ reg 250 panel 559. It’s a 1962 the year that model was first produced. I hope to race it this year at the Ecce home classic races. We will see.... cheers David Irwin. Sligo.

Btw I would love to know of any other 559.s in Ireland.

Dear Sir / Madam Could I please join your club ? I have nearly finished rebuilding a CZ 175 1992 Model. Based in West Yorkshire WF5 8HB UK. Regards David

Hi again first I must thank you all for the nice welcome we received from you allin Clogheen. I must say I had a really nice weekend with you all. As promised here is a short email of us all setting of on our ride out. Once again many thanks.........Bill

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