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Jawa CZ Club Ireland National Rally 2014


Its hard to believe but the 7th Jawa CZ Club Ireland Rally is fast approaching.

The River Valley campsite in Redcross http://www.rivervalleypark.ie/, is once again the venue for the Annual Jawa CZ Club Ireland Rally 2014.

The dates are the Friday 25th and Saturday 26th April 2014. We usually pack up and head for home on the Sunday. This year we plan to go Glamping. This is mainly due to my booking late. However the huts were used by a few of the lads last year and were comfy. All accomodation must be booked through the River Valley site email:info@rivervalleypark.ie. Of course camping, caravans and camper vans are also welcome. When booking do say you are one of our group so we can be settled closer together.

Glamping2.jpg As is our form, arrangements are loose. People will start to arrive Friday. Get settled, say hi, some will have a meal in Mickey Finn’s Pub. On Saturday we line up the bikes and everyone gets to vote on which machine merrits notice. Then there is a ride out. I have had my nuckles rapped for finding the most rural potholed fields in the country. So this year we will stay on tarmac and take a more sedate route to view the countryside. A stop for lunch is part of the route. Then back to the site. The family that eat together stay together. So beer food prizes song and conversation is the plan for the night. Sunday, reality calls and as we wind down, people start to depart.

We are small enough that if anyone feels we should do more, they need only lead, those interested will follow. All help is gratefully accepted.

It was suggested that it is unfair to expect people to purchase regalia each year. So this year we have decided not to produce rally shirts. We may review this suitation next year.


A Little Reminder

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keeway white

Ross Motorcyles are the new distributer for Keeway in Cork. It is impresive to see a shipment of bikes being delivered to the shop. True reward to the Keeway company for introducing the remodled 125cc. I expect a company showing this passion, means we will be seeing a lot more of the machines on our roads.


Why not check out their web site http://www.motorcycletyrescork.com/


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People don’t send me Czech road bike pics all that often any more for Czechpoint but I did get some neat pics from Juha Siikarla in Finland this week. Check out his Jawa Special,


There is lots of interesting things to be found on the CZECHPOINT site.

Mario Mager

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Poor Maintenance

Rider’s manuals always list items that should be checked before riding off into the sunset, or foul weather, which has been more the case lately. The Snail (JAWA 250 Travel) is used every week, reliability is depended upon. To achieve reliability the Snail receives a weekly once over. Very basic stuff to make sure nothing falls off or stops. When cleaning there was more dirt on the front mudguard than normal. I paid little heed the first week but the next week promted a closer inspection.

Lifting the weight off the front wheel, a spin showed the front brake sticking. On inspection the pistons moved freely. The pads were not worn unevenly, so the problem had not persisted long, but the sliding caliper was jammed. I was unable to free it in place. It took solid vice, a pig skin hammer (old printers tool), a heavy mallet and a soak in penetrating oil to separate.

brake There was corrosion on one of the pins, as the photo shows. Once cleaned with a wire brush and emery paper it polished up. A generous cleaning with oil then some of 3 and 1 copper slick, the problem was solved.

If I had checked the caliper earlier it would have been a lot easier. Poor maintenance, plus poor weather were the cause. If your bike has been used all winter or not it is worth lubricating the brake caliper. It’s good to have the bike in tip top shape for when the storms end and summer begins.


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I absolutely loved Micks article on the Mythical pullover. Thank you for telling the story that now surrounds the enchanted jumper. A Hans Christian Anderson in every stitch. It’s good to hear that the jumper is as well preserved as my Stephen (the JAWA Man of choice).


We send all the friends in Ireland heartfelt congratulations to the feast of your patron saint Patrick and we believe that with his protection and assistance you will continue to be the indestructible nation as in centuries ago.

With many memories and greetings

Franta and Jana

Andy etz AndyJawa

A hearty welcome to Andy Foster. Who sent us photos of his bikes.

It is good to see machines and their owners are still appearing out of the vastness of space.

JAWAing is not such a lonely experience after all.

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Start A Car With A Dead Battery

How The Russians Start A Car With A Dead Battery

"Mira Ivanović"

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Jawa antics

An amazing film. The antics here are a bit more robust than any I can remember at JCZOC Nationals in the 1970s-80s!

The movie's from the Soviet Union. The Zaporozhets car that gets overtaken in the early part (it looks like a 1960s Fiat 600) is a give-away, and it has a USSR number plate. The young gentleman with the bride at the end seems to be speaking in one of the Baltic languages, Latvian or Lithuanian, I dunno which.

Dates from when? 1980s?

Pat Bray, Ireland

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The powers that be in the EU have decided that motorcycles should have to undergo an NCT road worthness test. They confirm that maintenance or roadwordiness is rarely an issue in the case of motorcycle accidents. But they intend introducing the measure by the year 2022.

At present they have no intention of making a compulsary test for trailers or caravans.

The big boys get paid the big bucks for making the decisions. The small people just pay the bills.


Why not visit our website.

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Boozing Bikers

Adams Broadside.

AdamsBroadside The recent rain, high winds, photos of Cork and Limerick sinking into the ocean, left me feeling a little out at sea. So when I saw Adams broadside on sale in a local off license I took it as a message for my Angel “This is one to try”!

Brewed by Adams Southwold to commemorate the fierce Battle of Sole Bay, fought against the Dutch Republic in 1672 off the Southwold coast. Broadside is a multi-award winner, including ‘Best Strong Bitter’ in the country, it was duly awarded a bronze medal at GBBF in 2011 and Gold award in the International Beer Challenge in 2009.

In you and I terms that means it comes in a bottle and at 6.3% abv, is a heavy weight. Bottled Broadside ‘Strong Original’. On their site they boast a Mini-Cask, same name but different recipe, not as strong. It has been brewed since 1972.

The Bottle Ale is a ruby red colour with rich fruitcake aromas. Alc of 6.5% it is on the strong side but you do not taste the danger. It supports a good head, which contrasts nicely with the rich color.

A real treat of a beer, the cost was 2.97 euro, and I recommend that if you see this on a shelf do try it.

Cheers, Mick.

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Vital Adjustments

"Many thanks to Ger and David Angel from F2 Motorcycles for teasing out issues relating to the correct method for adjusting oil pump settings on the latest Jawa 350s. It goes without saying that it is one of the most vital adjustments that you will make on the motorcycle. Aligning the marks on a closed throttle, does have some pitfalls for the inexperienced, as David Angel has clearly pointed out.

I recall, in my long lost youth, owning a Yamaha 80cc two stroke fitted with an "auto lube" pump. The machine had disc valve induction and the carburettor and oil pump were located inside the right crankcase outer cover. In the case of this machine, marks for oil pump settings were aligned on about perhaps three quarters throttle as opposed to tick over. There was a little mark stamped of the carburettor slide (clearly visible when you removed the crankcase outer cover) You opened the throttle until the mark on the slide was just disappearing into the carburettor body and at that point, two marks -one on the oil pump- were meant to be in perfect alignment. This method seems to me to get over the problem of slack in the throttle cable and may be a bit safer as pump is set under load.

Have to hand it to those boys from the land of the rising sun!"

Pat (G)

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Ballad of Lidl & Aldi

If we are honest we all have that item which will be just the job at some time in the future. If we can remember where we left it.


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Wear Your Club Shirt


Pat G shows true style as he takes his JAWA shirt on a holiday to the sun.

Do send us in a photo of your JAWA Shirt being worn with pride.


This year we do not plan to produce any regalia.

So your stock of shirts are now even more collectable.


Click For Regalia

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Details of our Rally with directions are now available on the events page.

Pre boking is advisable. All booking is through the site organisers. Do tell them you are with the group so we can be located together.

Weekend Events

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Smiley micky mouse

Dia Dhuit

A little treat, an early newsletter. With winter ending, the days getting longer and the Redcross Rally upon us, I just had to go for it.

Rally fever is upon us all again. Redcross should kick off your summer to a fine start. Do try and join your fellow JAWA fans for what is a fantastic weekend.

Thank you to everyone who supplied articles and photos for this news sheet. Also to Pat and Ger who ride shotgun on my terrible typing, and yes Ger "my wonderful spelling", not forgetting my total lack of tact.

Slán Mick

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